We ate at Hog's Breath Cafe Saloon and Grill at Vision City yesterday. We were with my dad's new co-worker named Jonathan, who only arrived yesterday from the Philippines, and with my Uncle Danny, an old family friend of my grandparents and also a co-worker of my parents.

It was my first time, after four years, to eat in a fine dine-in restaurant here in PNG. The very first fine dine-in I ate here in this country was Daikoku, a Japanese restaurant located in the town area of Port Moresby.

Mom and I bought a shampoo and conditioner from Freeman called Papaya. Mom bought the Papaya and Awapuhi Volume Conditioner while I bought a Papaya and Mango Moisture Shampoo. Both has a sweet fragrance of Papaya but my Moisture Shampoo has the sweetest fragrance from all the Papaya shampoo and conditioner of Freeman.
Christmas in PNG is not as fun as it is in the Philippines. Malls and other establishments (restaurants and a like) are all closed. Groceries are only open until 5 in the afternoon. Most of the people are in their villages and you would only see a few people.

Because we had visitors the other night, I slept and woke up late today. A call from Mom woke me up. She was telling me to go downstairs (such a lazy woman ya). When I got downstairs and laid down the sofa, she handed me a present.

It was in a big box and I thought it was a shoe. Like what people do, I shook the box and Mom screamed at me to be careful with it. It got me more excited.

The other day, I met up with my old classmates and an old friend at Yacht Club. We had lunch there and spent the whole afternoon reminiscing our elementary and high school years.

It's almost four years since I last saw these three. Kenneth was one of the first guys I met in PNG. Ferdinand and I, on the other hand, met each other in class and found out we have mutual friends and family friends. And Mico (or Gracia), she was one of those that kept me company when Kim Umali left for the Philippines.

Anyway, I was damn late and it was embarrasing. It's really quite hard to go around Port Moresby since it's not that safe to take any of their public transportations or even taking a walk downtown. I had to wait for Dad to come pick me up and it took him ages to get home. We moved house from town to Boroko, which is how many kilometeres away. And it was a shock to me that there is now what you call "traffic" here. So other words, I was damn late for our meet-up.

Have you heard about Mochiko? Do you have any idea what it is? Allow me to introduce to you what it's about.

Mochi is a Japanese confection made of glutinous rice flour or mochiko. It is usually filled with a sweet center such as anko or red bean paste and eaten as a snack. But with Mochiko, they make modern versions of mochi with new fillings and flavors such as ice cream.

I found out about Mochiko from my close friend, Lea (@endlessblah of Tumblr). She kept talking about it a long time ago. I didn't pay much attention because I thought it was just another Korean ice cream, they once bought near our school. And before anything else, let me clear that I have nothing againt Koreans or Korea. It's just that, I was not interested with the ice cream they once ate.

I have been using a planner (organizer) since I was in grade 5. I have been writing stuff on it, may it be functional or not. But, of course, when I entered the secondary level, the content of my planners began to have sense and became useful for both school and life.

While I was searching for a review of a beauty product, I found the blog of Earthlingorgeous. I did some reading from her blog and find it very interesting so here I am, recommending her to you guys.

Anyway, back to my story, after finding her blog, and after following her, I saw a post about a doodle datebook. This is a planner by FILED!. I loved the simple cover upon seeing it. And I loved it more when I saw the pages of the organizer. I find those special pages (books to read, restaurants to try, places to visit and a lot more) very unique and cute. Doodles have never failed to amaze me.

I really wanted to buy the product since I was not fortunate enough to win it from Earthlingorgeous. So I decided to go to Powerbooks (Alabang Town Center) to check if it's already available there. Buttt! IT'S NOT! My fault for not confirming first.

My friends and I do look for an eatery to satisfy our hunger and of course, save money as well. We don't usually eat outside the school (De La Salle University - Dasmarinas) because our building is far from gate 1 and we only have an hour break. We are usually forced to eat inside the school's cafeteria or the canteen near our building. Though they do have some good meals there too, it's quite pricey than the ones outside the school.

But this semester, we were given a good schedule wherein we are able to go out of the school and explore all the carinderia along the front area of gate 1.

Today, they brought me to this carinderia they call, Tanang. If you know the tambayan called Gate 4, the carinderia I'm talking about is somewhere around that area. I usually pass that area but never really thought that there is such an eatery that exists there. It's not too visible since it doesn't have much signboards nor tables or chairs in front.

Today, I went to National Bookstore to find a book for my mom when a cute pink hard-bound journal type book in one of the shelves caught my attention. I walked to see what kind of journal it was and I found out that it's actually a planner for moms.

I checked the other planner below its shelve and saw two different blogberry planners - for food and yuppie. I checked the pages of each of the planner and you can already see the difference. The layout of the dates, the notes area and other additional pages for the planner vary according for the type of planner (food, mom or yuppie). There are special sections for each planner too. You can check a few pages of the planner here.

Last September (year 2011), we went to Singapore for a school trip. It was my first time to travel to another country (except from PNG) so I was very excited. I was searching for an outfit to wear that will totally make me look good. Since I was carrying quite a lot of luggage, I decided to wear my plain t-shirt and dark jeans both from BNY and my chucks.

I partnered it with my Artwork hood and a few bead accessories I personally made. The outfit made me comfortable throughout my flight and our arrival in Singapore.

We do sometimes need to consider the appropriateness of our outfit to the place or situation we will be in.

As I was walking down the stairs of SM Dasmarinas, I saw the shoe displays of Primadonna. Aren't they lovely?

I am a regular buyer of both Primadonna and Celine but I'm recently loving the designs Primadonna are selling. Even their dresses and blouses.

Check these uber cute, colorful pumps in the nearest Primadonna boutique near you. ;)

Recently, I have been a quitter. Don't bother asking why. I myself is not so sure why.

I quit from the JMA organization just this afternoon. My friend's thought it was just a joke. With all honesty, it is really fun being a part of JMA. Especially if you've got your peers there too. But there are still other people I had to work which, somehow, was the main reason why I had to quit.

I have no personal issues in any of them. There just came a point where I felt being degraded or rejected unintentionally. I felt that they didn't really need my help because there are other people in the organization that are better.

Tadaaa! This is my before-bedtime-beauty-regimen.

Eskinol - to remove dirt and prevent pimples
Garnier - to lessen eye bags and dark circles around the eye area
Cebo de Macho - for pimple scars and other scars in my legs and body
Deodorant Powder - for whiter underarm? I'm just trying this. I was just told about it.

So far, these are my beauty regimen. Good night~

In general, it is best to treat stains as soon as possible before they set. Also, follow instructions on any piece of clothing (disregard the advice below if your shirt says "dry clean only", for example). Here are some of the most common fixes.

Getting a cold is really dreadful. It kills your mood, appetite and sleep. You spend so much in tissue paper and you sore your nose from too much blowing. Though there are quite a lot of over-the-counter medicines available, we should always try our best in preventing it. Here are the four ways to stop a cold before it stops you:

When I hear someone sick, I usually say get well now instead of soon. We should never prolong our sickness so here are some tips for you:

Yesterday, I had my second shot of injectables for my endometrium cyst. Not aware of what it is? Well, lemme tell you about it.

Months back, I have been experiencing a painful menstruation. I have been complaining of too much pain which I thought was just dysmenorrhea. It was hard to sleep - it felt like something was punching me inside. I couldn't go to school because it was hard to walk or even stand. All I wanted was to stay in bed and sleep. I even lost appetite. I only eat when I needed to take pain killers that require meal before the dosage.

The pain grew more painful every month. But I ignored it. I thought it was just due to my dysmenorrhea.

When you get sick, do you ever ask yourself why or where you got it? I know that there are a lot of reasons why we get sick. But here's just some of the things I think we are forgetting:

Have you ever been in a situation where you can't tell if you're in a relationship or not? For women, generally, it's such a stressful feeling not knowing your stand in a guy's life. Here's a simple way to check the status you have with your special someone: