Belle de Jour 2012 Planner

Dec 13, 2011

I have been using a planner (organizer) since I was in grade 5. I have been writing stuff on it, may it be functional or not. But, of course, when I entered the secondary level, the content of my planners began to have sense and became useful for both school and life.
I started using Belle de Jour Planner since year 2010? I just can't remember how I found out about Belle but anyway, I'm sooo glad that I found it. It is beautiful and very feminine. I feel like a professional when I have Belle in my hand.

Though Belle was not what I intended to buy at Alabang Town Center today, I'm satisfied to have it. I browsed through it and I am still in love with the pages. I really love the articles (or whatever you call it) that is in every month of the planner. PLUS! The Year's Checklist! Woo Hoo! I now have another list to be busy about. ;)


  1. ang gusto ko lang sa bel de jour planner ay yung mga coupons haha. kaso ang mahal kase. hahahahaha.

    weee. sana di lang sa simula tayo magsisipag gumamit ng planner. lol. kelan pala bday mo louise? nang mailagay ko sa planner :D

  2. Hahaha. My birthday is on the 17th of August. Matagal-tagal pa for your gift Ye! HAHAHA. Yes, so true. I do hope, hindi lang tayo lagi sa simula organized. Haha! Worth it naman yung Belle friend! I mean, if you've seen other planners in National Bookstore, they cost almost the same. Eh at least, sa BDJ, may coupons ka pa? :p