Blogberry Planner

Dec 12, 2011

Today, I went to National Bookstore to find a book for my mom when a cute pink hard-bound journal type book in one of the shelves caught my attention. I walked to see what kind of journal it was and I found out that it's actually a planner for moms.

I checked the other planner below its shelve and saw two different blogberry planners - for food and yuppie. I checked the pages of each of the planner and you can already see the difference. The layout of the dates, the notes area and other additional pages for the planner vary according for the type of planner (food, mom or yuppie). There are special sections for each planner too. You can check a few pages of the planner here.

In National Bookstore, it costs around Php499. In the website linked above, it says their planner costs for about Php300. But I personally think that the price in their multiply site is no longer updated and the planner that that price was for was the oldest type of blogberry planner (the spring one). In case you wanna check for the prices or the planner itself, I'm just not sure if it's available in other bookstores like Fully Booked and Powerbooks though.

What planner do you use? What planner do you plan to use for the coming year? Why not try the simple but cute planners of Stadmore? :)

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