Christmas in PNG

Dec 26, 2011

Christmas in PNG is not as fun as it is in the Philippines. Malls and other establishments (restaurants and a like) are all closed. Groceries are only open until 5 in the afternoon. Most of the people are in their villages and you would only see a few people.

Because we had visitors the other night, I slept and woke up late today. A call from Mom woke me up. She was telling me to go downstairs (such a lazy woman ya). When I got downstairs and laid down the sofa, she handed me a present.

It was in a big box and I thought it was a shoe. Like what people do, I shook the box and Mom screamed at me to be careful with it. It got me more excited.
Dad came down as well and Mom also handed him a present. We opened it together. He got a cute mug that has PNG print on it. I wanted to have one of that too!

Anyway, when I opened it and saw the box, I read the words CD and knew from then on that I have just received a radio. I honestly wasn't that excited to open it further but when I finally saw the product's picture on the box, I hurried in opening it! It's really cute. It's a radio-slash-alarm clock-slash-cd player. I loved it! But now, I'm really wondering how am I going to take it to the Philippines? It's quite heavy.

This is why I love my Mom. She gives me everything I want, and even the things I never asked her for.

We spent the day watching Cinemalaya Indie films in GMA Network today. And here we are, just eating and eating and eating different meals found in our fridge.

I am currently eating a macaronni cheese I cooked (and it's not that bad), Mom and Dad are eating squid and sushi. I should be gaining weight by now. Ever since I got here, we've been eating and eating and eating (repeat 'til fade). It seems like eating had become our hobby. So I better be gaining something!

I owe a lot of blog posts. It's like I am always running out of time. Expect a blog post spam in the near future. :p

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