Why People Get Sick

Dec 2, 2011

When you get sick, do you ever ask yourself why or where you got it? I know that there are a lot of reasons why we get sick. But here's just some of the things I think we are forgetting:

Test stress

Your body pumps out adrenaline to get you through crunch times, like exam week. Unfortunately, this adrenaline rush can also decrease your body's T-cell levels and they are your best defense against illness.


Holiday parties may mean alcohol and exposure to smoke - both of which paralyze the microscopic hairs in the nose that keep germs out of your airways. Lack of sleep also taxes the immune system, lowering resistance to illness.


Holidays mean a lot of besos, hugging and shaking hands - one way of really picking up and passing on germs and viruses. Plus, being cooped up with everyone else in the same venue makes you vulnerable too.

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