Hog's Breath Saloon and Cafe

Dec 26, 2011

We ate at Hog's Breath Cafe Saloon and Grill at Vision City yesterday. We were with my dad's new co-worker named Jonathan, who only arrived yesterday from the Philippines, and with my Uncle Danny, an old family friend of my grandparents and also a co-worker of my parents.

It was my first time, after four years, to eat in a fine dine-in restaurant here in PNG. The very first fine dine-in I ate here in this country was Daikoku, a Japanese restaurant located in the town area of Port Moresby.

I ordered a Seafood Marinara, a super rich classic dish sautéed bacon and garlic tossed with parmesan cheese and cream, at Hog's Breath today. Dad ordered a Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad, a pan seared slab of Salmon on a bed of salad greens, accompanied with seasoned potato chunks, cherry tomatoes then drizzled with our own Hog's Breath Italian vinaigrette. Mom only got a garlic bread and Jonathan and Uncle Danny just ordered a Cappuccino.

The place is cozy and very American. The foods are nicely cooked and finely served. If you are living in Papua New Guinea, or has plans of visiting, this restaurant is a must try.

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