UNPOPULAR OPINION: Importance of Distribution

Dec 13, 2011

While I was searching for a review of a beauty product, I found the blog of Earthlingorgeous. I did some reading from her blog and find it very interesting so here I am, recommending her to you guys.

Anyway, back to my story, after finding her blog, and after following her, I saw a post about a doodle datebook. This is a planner by FILED!. I loved the simple cover upon seeing it. And I loved it more when I saw the pages of the organizer. I find those special pages (books to read, restaurants to try, places to visit and a lot more) very unique and cute. Doodles have never failed to amaze me.

I really wanted to buy the product since I was not fortunate enough to win it from Earthlingorgeous. So I decided to go to Powerbooks (Alabang Town Center) to check if it's already available there. Buttt! IT'S NOT! My fault for not confirming first.
The store assistant told me that their copies of FILED 2012 planner are still expected to arrive this coming Thursday, which is by the way a day before my flight. It did disappoint me.

This, I believe, is where the importance of distribution comes in. Companies must be quick enough with regards to the distribution of their products. There are other people, like me, who visits a store to buy that certain product. Companies must give some consideration for those, who lives far from the distribution outlets yet goes there just to buy the product. Before officially advertising the outlets, they must make sure first that there are really stocks there! Though, I'm also understanding their part that they might have some other logistic company responsible for the distribution, still, I believe that it's part of their concern and must be in control of.

Since I still traveled to Alabang just to buy that planner but failed to find one, I bought Belle de Jour instead. Not bad because I have been using Belle for a couple of years now. It's just that, I was willing to try out a new planner. I'm still quite disappointed.

Anyway, lesson learned. I must call the shops first before heading to their branch to assure that whatever I might be looking for is certainly there.

Oh well.

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