Yacht Club (Papua New Guinea)

Dec 23, 2011

The other day, I met up with my old classmates and an old friend at Yacht Club. We had lunch there and spent the whole afternoon reminiscing our elementary and high school years.

It's almost four years since I last saw these three. Kenneth was one of the first guys I met in PNG. Ferdinand and I, on the other hand, met each other in class and found out we have mutual friends and family friends. And Mico (or Gracia), she was one of those that kept me company when Kim Umali left for the Philippines.

Anyway, I was damn late and it was embarrasing. It's really quite hard to go around Port Moresby since it's not that safe to take any of their public transportations or even taking a walk downtown. I had to wait for Dad to come pick me up and it took him ages to get home. We moved house from town to Boroko, which is how many kilometeres away. And it was a shock to me that there is now what you call "traffic" here. So other words, I was damn late for our meet-up.

When I got to the gate, I already saw my friends walking towards me and I couldn't explain the feeling. I kissed Mico on the cheeks and I wanted to hug Kenneth tightly but because, well, that would be kind awkward, I just tapped his arm and he gave me a really heavy tap on my shoulder. Haha! And he uttered the words, "It's been a long time ya!"

We spent the afternoon eating and telling stories about all sorts of topics. Because I was having fun in hearing new things about the people we know, I forgot to jot down the names of the food we ate and their simple descriptions. My bad. But I'm glad I did not forget to take a picture. Hehe.

My grilled fish fillet plus our meat lover pizza kept me full for the whole day. Oh yeah, just before I forget, the waiter who was serving and assisting us was such a weird man. We couldn't figure out whether he's really a confused human being or that he was just not feeling well that afternoon. HAHA! Weirdooo.

Anyway... So yeah, we spent the day talking and playing this funny game called, "the sperm game". Oh yeah, I remember Ferdinand pranking me with what he called a"memory game" when in fact, it was a prank game and a bloody scary face popping on the screen unexpectedly. He's very lucky I didn't throw his phone or less. Haha! But if I did, it wasn't my fault! Haha!

We didn't do much at Yacht Club. It was somewhat boring but I can still say that I had fun. Well, for me, having fun is not just about having to do a lot of things while laughing out loud. I believe that it's enough to have the people you really missed and you really love, laugh with you at the simplest things in life, to say that you had fun.

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