Dec 12, 2011

My friends and I do look for an eatery to satisfy our hunger and of course, save money as well. We don't usually eat outside the school (De La Salle University - Dasmarinas) because our building is far from gate 1 and we only have an hour break. We are usually forced to eat inside the school's cafeteria or the canteen near our building. Though they do have some good meals there too, it's quite pricey than the ones outside the school.

But this semester, we were given a good schedule wherein we are able to go out of the school and explore all the carinderia along the front area of gate 1.

Today, they brought me to this carinderia they call, Tanang. If you know the tambayan called Gate 4, the carinderia I'm talking about is somewhere around that area. I usually pass that area but never really thought that there is such an eatery that exists there. It's not too visible since it doesn't have much signboards nor tables or chairs in front.
My friends ordered tapsilog. Earlier today, before we headed to this carinderia, I already ate my breakfast but since they seem to be excited for their meal, I was influenced to buy one and try it out myself.

Looking at it, tapa isn't that much and you'd feel that it wouldn't be enough for you. IT REALLY ISN'T! Because once you taste it, you'd want to ask for more. It's really delicious. The tapa I use to eat inside the school looks really different from the one I ate in this eatery. Their tapa is sweet. It is also cooked well - not too fried or anything.

Unfortunately, I was really full and was not able to finish my meal but now that we know that place, I'm sure to always come back there to eat another tapa.

My meal today, in Tanang's, costed for Php52 only. It includes a plain rice, tapa, egg (you can request how you want the egg to be cooked) and a Pop Cola. But if without drinks, it will only cost you Php45. Sulit naman! ;)

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