What's up with you two?

Dec 2, 2011

Have you ever been in a situation where you can't tell if you're in a relationship or not? For women, generally, it's such a stressful feeling not knowing your stand in a guy's life. Here's a simple way to check the status you have with your special someone:

Hanging out

You flirt like crazy every time you see each other - and whenever your crew plans something fun, he asks around or calls to make sure you're going.


You're in constant contact: Even when you don't see each other in school, you text back and forth all day long, and he posts goofy messages on your Facebook.

Hooking Up

You're definitely attracted to each other, and things have gotten physical. But you're not committed yet, and both of you could be flirting with other people.


He's told you he likes you and you think things could get serious, so you've planned some actual dates to get to know each other even better. But you haven't had the boyfriend/girlfriend talk yet, so things aren't officially "official".

Going Out

You've been out of the three or four times, you talk on the phone almost every night and neither one of you makes plans for the weekend without checking with the other first. You're both thinking about making a real commitment.

Major Commitment

You're a couple! You've met his family and he's met yours. You know each other so well, and he even chooses nights with you over hanging out with the guys.


So, what's up with you two?


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