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        We all have people we call friends. Generally, they are the ones we often go out with, people whom we share our life experiences and secrets to and commonly, they are the ones we turn to when we can no longer hold our problems to ourselves.
        But is it really what friends are? Honestly, I don't know too. We all have our own views and definitions of what friends are and how they should be. Some even made these criteria to find out who are true and who are not. Is it that necessary? I don't think so.
When we lose something, we eventually gain something else. Just like in friendships, we all have experienced losing friends. It is not easy to gain new ones and it was never easy to maintain friends. But I'm so glad that despite I don't communicate nor see this two, they never made me feel like they are just someone I know. They have always made me feel that if I need someone to talk to, I have a friend such as them.

It's true... True friends are hard to find. It's just that I'm lucky enough to have met and have this two in my life. 

When I opened Facebook earlier, I saw this vintage looking poster of an event this coming Saturday. Honestly, I got interested to look at what kind of event it is because the poster looked unusual. It was not the usual graphic designs. It was real objects put together to create that stunning poster. See for yourself.

When I was looking through their website, I first noticed their description: "A community of Filipino cultural creatives sharing ideas on mindful living". It got me more interested especially that the brands were new to me though I already had an idea that the items mostly eco-friendly.

I guess one of the most exciting part of college is having your graduation shot taken. It makes you feel you're finally moving on from your life. It feels good to know that all your efforts in studying, staying up late and cramming for projects due the next day and waking up early in the morning just to attend classes (even for just the sake of attendance) every day is finally paying off. However, this is also that time of a college life when you get that paranoia of what to wear, how to look good or how to beautifully/handsomely smile to the camera. No one wants to look haggard and hilarious on their graduation picture especially that it will be put into your school yearbook.


Honestly, I don't know how to describe my outfit last Friday. I wore this top I bought from a thrift store in Papua New Guinea. It was the Jajay's top from this post while pairing it with my LeDonne pastel pink flats, my BNY jeans and my Sophie Martin bag. To finish up the girly look, I wore my i2i shades.

I felt pretty that day. Simple but pretty. :p
Yesterday, before I went to meet Ate Mai at Megamall, I decided to drop by the warehouse sale National Bookstore was having. I found out about the sale from Facebook showing a sneak peak of the warehouse sale. The picture only showed the pile of books with its corresponding price tags that made it really appealing. This was the picture...


When I got home today, I received this package. I didn't expect it to be from Belle de Jour since last night, I tried to track my package and the status said something like it's being prepared or something like that. I was very surprised and I'm so delighted to have a hassle-free delivery of my planner.

Hello followers especially the BB (Blackberry) users who are so active with Facebook. I received a message from Globe saying this…

“FREE Globe Advisory: Enjoy unlimited Facebook on your Blackberry for FREE until December 31, 2012! To register, text BB FREEFB to 8888. Please maintain P1 to continue using the service. For other Blackberry services, text BB INFO to 8888 for free. No Advisories? Text STOP ALL to 2977 FREE.”

Again, to register for the free Facebook for your Blackberry until the end of this year, text:

BB<space>FREEFB and send it to 8888.

Sometimes, it is really cool to still receive advisories from Globe. ;)
The key to clear skin is finding the right regimen. By Desi Gallegos.

Most of us take advantage of our health thinking it's healthy enough to be on our priority list but we forget that when we overuse our bodies, it could cause us sickness.We ignore the pains and would just take medicines. We often think that pains we experience are fatigues and curable with just a paracetamol. Please change that mindset! You might be experiencing something worst than just muscle pains or other body discomfort.

Not just because you're not feeling anything wrong, doesn't mean you're perfectly healthy so you should also have a yearly healthy check-up. The following are the 10 must-have checks:
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I grew up in a country that used to only have grocery stores, second hand clothing shops and puma shops (sports wear shop). It was only recently that they had a mall that has different stores that offer fashion apparel and accessories.

I was used to buying my clothes and other things from second hand shops. I was never afraid if the owner of the clothing died or whatsoever. Some even say that the clothes from these shops could be dirty and full or bacteria or disease but that never really stopped me from buying not only because I didn't have a choice but because it was cheaper and some are of really good quality.

Even when I reached the Philippines, despite all the good brands I see in the mall, I still find myself hauling my apparels from the racks of the ukay-ukay shops. Unlike in PNG, clothes being sold in second hand shops in the Philippines are either ragged or has stains and holes in it so you really have to be patient in looking through the all the racks.

I am no ukay queen but let me share to you some of my tips when planning or doing ukay shopping.

My close friends usually dub me "fashionista" because I love to dress up. But I am not like those other fashionistas and bloggers that are very creative and daring with their outfits.

I joined Chictopia and the other sites alike. I remember posting few photos which were automatically posted in my Tumblr account and after those posts, I received different messages regarding my outfits. Some were compliments and some were questions and the usual question I get whenever I post another outfit pose was... "Where do you buy your clothes?"

Honestly, about 89% of my clothes are from second hand shops (more known in the Philippines as ukay-ukay). I was raised by my grandmother who was an ukay obsessed person. Most of our bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, her clothes, my clothes, my grand father's clothes were all from ukay. My mother that time works in the province so half my life, I was raised by the ukay queen.

Most woman loves to look good. They really invest in makeups and other beauty products. However, not all woman know how to apply makeup. Here's some simple tips from a Women's Health and Fitness Magazine:

Lesson Learned: October 31st year 2012.

No matter what course you take in college, you will for sure have lots of projects to comply with. In my case, our course Marketing and Advertising Management in De La Salle Univerisity - Dasmarinas not only do paperworks like marketing plans or term papers but also outputs such as print ads, radio ads and tvc. These projects are usually due on the last term (finals) of our semester though some would eventually give different project outputs in the beginning of the term.

Given those facts, I failed to compile every output - may it be paperworks or projects - that I can show as my portfolio to my future clients or employers. I have some of them in my external drive but it would have been easier if I have compiled them all together in one folder which was easy to locate.
As I was cleaning my room the other day, I filled up my former receipts into one brown folder and checked which are important and which needs to be thrown. During that process, I saw this one receipt from SM Supermarket Batangas...

You can pay your Globe Telecom and Innove Communication Bills thru accreditted payment outlets.

Accepting payments WITH billing statement:
  1. 7-Evelen (cash only)
  2. Bayad Center
  3. SM Department Store (bills payment counter)
  4. Robinsons Department Store (bills payment counter)
Accepting payments WITHOUT billing statement:
  1. LBC outlets
  2. Cebuana Lhuillier
  3. RCPI
  4. Western Union
  5. BPI Bank
  6. BDO Bank
  • ATM (Requires enrollment at depository bank)
  • Credit Card (Visit Globe Store and apply for auto debit)
  • Via GCash. Just text BILLPAY<space>AMOUNT<space>4-DIGIT PIN<space>INSTITUTION CODE<space>ACCOUNT REFERENCE NUMBER and send it to 2882.
You may call their talk to Globe Hotline 211 toll-free from your Globe mobile or (02) 730-1000 or 171 toll-free from any Globe landline.

GOhotel in Mandaluyong. Next to Robinsons Forum Pioneer.
Last year (2011), month of June, my parents came home for their annual holidays. My mom mentioned earlier that she plans to stay in Manila for a week. I asked her where we will be staying and she said she reserved a room in gohotel. I wasn't familiar with the hotel and I searched for it in Google. The website was simple but bright to the eyes which makes it lively. I find the website very helpful. I love their online booking because it's informational. I just had a problem with the payment before but now that I went to book for another stay on October, it was a lot easier because finally, the Robinsons Bank wasn't offline. As far as I know, there are only three options for you to pay your online booking which are through bank deposit in a Robinsons bank only, through your credit card and lastly, pay directly in their office.

Since the price of our stay was cheap compared to our former hotel stays, I didn't expect much from them. I even thought that the hotel would be a crap but I was wrong in judging them.
Last night, I was wondering around the SM Supermarket finding a simple and easy to cook food for our strategic marketing project. I was along the fries and fish finger section when I found this shrimp popcorn package.
Captain's Catch: Shimp Popcon. 200g. 133php.
I love eating seafoods especially shrimps or some would call it prawns. This is why when I saw this product, with no hesitation, I took it to the counter and paid it. I quickly went home to cook it. It's frozen and you just need to deep fry it.

During the process of cooking, if the oil you use is the typical oil you buy from sari-sari stores, the breading of the shrimps would stick to the frying pan. The second time I cooked this earlier, I used the Golden Fiesta cooking oil and it looked better. You just got to be patient in cooking this until it is really golden looking like the picture on its packaging.

For me, the taste is satisfying. There are 15pcs of shrimp popcorns inside the package. And I only have 5 left now. The size of the shrimps is small but I tell you, the 5 pcs is enough to make you burp especially if you partner it with plain rice - typical Filipino meal.

I just don't know where else to find this but if you're living around Dasma and you crave for shrimps like how I usually do, try this product out. It's worth the money.
Yesterday, this was what I was wearing to school.

So I was about to log out from Facebook to do my things to do today when I decided to scroll through my news feed just to see if some of my school mates have posted pictures from their Singapore trip last week. And this caught my eye...

I tried checking Candymag since I usually log in there. I also tried Sunstar and boom! It was there! I guess I was one lucky girl today! Despite of me finding one for my entry, I did try to find it from other famous sites and I realize it was not so hard to find. I will not be a spoiler to this mini contest so it's your responsibility to find one of your own. Sorry but I'm not going to say which sites you can also find the ad too. I just wanna be fair for those who are patiently looking and waiting for the ad to come out. Hehe.

For the mechanics, just click that screenshot above and it will take you to Super Sale Bazaar's post.

Good luck guys! :)
I do not want to sound bias but with all honesty, this is the cheapest dog grooming I know. We don't really own a breeded pet and our dogs don't go to pet shops for dog groomings... we groom them ourselves because they are Aspins. (Asong Pinoy or former called askals).

In school, we have a project in our Internet Marketing subject wherein we need to find an SME that does not or has at least a minimal internet promotions. We were challenged to help them out with the e-marketing strategies and promotions to help them out not only with the sales but with the company's objectives too.

I was scouting for an SME months ago, and I passed this pet shop along Sunny Brooke Lane, Barangay San Francisco, General Trias Cavite. Just right after the Jetti gasoline station (if you'll be coming from Monterey). The shop's name is  Cuddler Pet Hub Dog Grooming. I had an idea of what our classmates chose for their project and I just wanted to be different. I asked the owner of the shop who is Mrs. Josephine Bunda if she will allow us to help their company with the online promotions and she said yes.

The other day, as I was browsing the internet, I came to a blog that links or talks about this photo shoot I am talking about. You're probably wondering how odd it is. Well, prepare yourself for here are the photos...

I have been hearing about this organization for so long. I know what they do and I admire them. I wanted to be a part but, I admit, I became to lazy. But upon seeing the news about this employee of DepEd bashing a dog with a baseball bat, it really got me. With no hesitation, I decided to be an ACTIVE volunteer for the PAWS.

My parents and I, even my family (mother's side) are animal lovers. Ever since I was a kid, we used to have dogs and cats at home. Most of our pets have no breeds for we only get them from either friends or we adopt those that we see on the streets. If only I can adopt all the animals I see on the roads or streets, I would! I even told my mom before that I want to own a pet home.

With this decision, I quickly went to the PAWS website and searched for the "How to become a PAWS volunteer?". I read through the other information and links on their FAQs and downloaded their volunteer application form. I went to their facebook page and looked for the next orientation to be a legit volunteer for their organization. I joined and I want to ask you guys to join too.

Please, be a volunteer or a supporting member to PAWS. Our animals love us and in return, let us love them back not only by loving them alone but loving and caring for the others of their kind too. Attend the orientation on November 10, 2012 with the accomplished application from. Read through the description of the event page of PAWS for more information.

It was after my birthday, August 18 year 2012, when I read tweets about the plane crash in Masbate wherein Secretary Jesse Robredo was on board. He was said to be going home for his daughter's rite after winning a swimming competition. In spite of  his busy schedule as the DILG Secretary, it clearly shows how much he balances his time to his family and to his job.

After two days of continuous search and prayer, Sec. Robredo's body was retrieved inside the plane he was riding, 800 meters away from shore which was 180 feet under.
"I mourn for a man I didn't know much about until a few days ago. I pity myself for not knowing about his work while he was alive."

You might think these habits are harmless, they could be majorly sabotaging your self-esteem!


Dishing with friends is fun but when you’re always bagging on other girls behind their backs, you’ll begin to wonder if they’re talking about you that way, too. And it’s impossible to feel secure when you’re worried that people are judging you.

Tip: The next time your friends start whispering about another girl, nix the harsh comments and say something positive instead. Building up other people will kick up your confidence.


No one wants to sound conceited (“I know my skin is perfect!”). But if you’re constantly dismissing praise, you’ll miss out on well-deserved boosts to your self-esteem or even worse, you might make yourself feel like you actually are unworthy.

Think of your favorite color. Think of how it makes you feel. If it’s yellow, does it make you feel joyful when you see a bouquet of sunflowers? If it’s blue, does watching the sky calm you? Color can have a great effect on your mood, stress level and performance. Color therapy extends beyond thinking about your favorite color. Each color promotes a series of emotions and attitudes. Paying special attention to the colors that surround you is a simple way to improve mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

Be creative. Paint your bedroom walls or put colored draperies on the windows. Too drastic for you?

I think the President's speech at the TV Patrol's 25th Anniversay was just right to point out some of their mistakes. As he said, he only had that moment to speak out to all of them. However, I do believe too that it was wrong for him to specifically talk about Noli, even if he didn't mention his name. It was pretty obvious.

On my point of view,

I never really had a good service in Pizza Hut. I remember before that I waited for almost an hour in line just buying their buy-one-take-one pizza. This is how the story goes...

I was already going home when I passed Pizza Hut (SM Dasmrinas branch) and decided to buy their pizza. There was only one customer in the counter but it so happened that she bought three boxes of pizza. I was told to wait for the next round of boxes. I was even offered a seat. So I waited for 20 minutes, sitting next to the counter while there were other customers forming a line. Just when I stood up to line up as well, the new set of pizza became available. I assumed that the cashier would call on me for I was supposedly the first one in line but she didn't. Until I reached the counter and there were no more pizzas left... again!

The sad part was that she didn't even apologize. She just smiled and said, "Hehe. Naubusan na po ulit kayo." SERIOUSLY???

Now, I chose to dine here only because my preferred restaurants are full. It's sad that for the second time, this branch gave me a bad service again. How? Well, I sat down and placed my order. A few seconds later, my mom texted and I couldn't reply anymore because I had no load. If you have been in SM Dasmarinas, the Pizza Hut is just a few steps away from the loading area where I can quickly purchase a load card. I asked the manager if I can leave my things or if I can't, I'll just take my things, buy a load and come back but assured that my seat is taken. You know how she approached my concern??? Let's just say she was very unprofessional to look at me from head to toe (as if doubting if I have the ability to pay what I have ordered), and say... "Ano ba? Oorder ba talaga kayo???"

Now, as a marketing student, I believe CUSTOMER SERVICE is very important. And I also believe PIZZA HUT SUCKS ON THIS ASPECT! Geez. I couldn't believe she looked at me that way and raised her eyebrows on me. What a very unprofessional manager. I wonder how she even reached that level?!

\Honestly, having gone through this service made me loose my appetite! I wonder where I can get a customer feedback paper... or should I just use one whole sheet of yellow pad paper to state my feedback about their service?


I hate this branch. This branch makes me hate Pizza Hut.

Since I love collecting different stuff and trash, the Storagegeek website became one of the blog I always, literally always, visit. They have different good stuff in there that you should see.

When I was in grade school, we were thought of doing different handy crafts and I was once hooked to this Australian kiddie channel wherein they create different crafts or house decorations out of used materials that can be found at home. From then on, I have been into craft making. Yeah, it doesn't look like it aye?

This is probably why my room looks like a junk shop. I collect things I can recycle to new stuff like pen holders, photo frames, and a lot more.

I suggest that if you have so many things in your room and that you're planning to buy a container to store all those stuff, why don't you visit blogs like Storage Geek so that you can save money and be unique.
I was looking for an auto post application in Facebook wherein my bloggers posts automatically posts in my Facebook timeline as well. A good friend, Trina, suggested this... I haven't studied or observed the functionality of this application so we'll see how it goes...