It was after my birthday, August 18 year 2012, when I read tweets about the plane crash in Masbate wherein Secretary Jesse Robredo was on board. He was said to be going home for his daughter's rite after winning a swimming competition. In spite of  his busy schedule as the DILG Secretary, it clearly shows how much he balances his time to his family and to his job.

After two days of continuous search and prayer, Sec. Robredo's body was retrieved inside the plane he was riding, 800 meters away from shore which was 180 feet under.
"I mourn for a man I didn't know much about until a few days ago. I pity myself for not knowing about his work while he was alive."

You might think these habits are harmless, they could be majorly sabotaging your self-esteem!


Dishing with friends is fun but when you’re always bagging on other girls behind their backs, you’ll begin to wonder if they’re talking about you that way, too. And it’s impossible to feel secure when you’re worried that people are judging you.

Tip: The next time your friends start whispering about another girl, nix the harsh comments and say something positive instead. Building up other people will kick up your confidence.


No one wants to sound conceited (“I know my skin is perfect!”). But if you’re constantly dismissing praise, you’ll miss out on well-deserved boosts to your self-esteem or even worse, you might make yourself feel like you actually are unworthy.

Think of your favorite color. Think of how it makes you feel. If it’s yellow, does it make you feel joyful when you see a bouquet of sunflowers? If it’s blue, does watching the sky calm you? Color can have a great effect on your mood, stress level and performance. Color therapy extends beyond thinking about your favorite color. Each color promotes a series of emotions and attitudes. Paying special attention to the colors that surround you is a simple way to improve mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

Be creative. Paint your bedroom walls or put colored draperies on the windows. Too drastic for you?

I think the President's speech at the TV Patrol's 25th Anniversay was just right to point out some of their mistakes. As he said, he only had that moment to speak out to all of them. However, I do believe too that it was wrong for him to specifically talk about Noli, even if he didn't mention his name. It was pretty obvious.

On my point of view,

I never really had a good service in Pizza Hut. I remember before that I waited for almost an hour in line just buying their buy-one-take-one pizza. This is how the story goes...

I was already going home when I passed Pizza Hut (SM Dasmrinas branch) and decided to buy their pizza. There was only one customer in the counter but it so happened that she bought three boxes of pizza. I was told to wait for the next round of boxes. I was even offered a seat. So I waited for 20 minutes, sitting next to the counter while there were other customers forming a line. Just when I stood up to line up as well, the new set of pizza became available. I assumed that the cashier would call on me for I was supposedly the first one in line but she didn't. Until I reached the counter and there were no more pizzas left... again!

The sad part was that she didn't even apologize. She just smiled and said, "Hehe. Naubusan na po ulit kayo." SERIOUSLY???

Now, I chose to dine here only because my preferred restaurants are full. It's sad that for the second time, this branch gave me a bad service again. How? Well, I sat down and placed my order. A few seconds later, my mom texted and I couldn't reply anymore because I had no load. If you have been in SM Dasmarinas, the Pizza Hut is just a few steps away from the loading area where I can quickly purchase a load card. I asked the manager if I can leave my things or if I can't, I'll just take my things, buy a load and come back but assured that my seat is taken. You know how she approached my concern??? Let's just say she was very unprofessional to look at me from head to toe (as if doubting if I have the ability to pay what I have ordered), and say... "Ano ba? Oorder ba talaga kayo???"

Now, as a marketing student, I believe CUSTOMER SERVICE is very important. And I also believe PIZZA HUT SUCKS ON THIS ASPECT! Geez. I couldn't believe she looked at me that way and raised her eyebrows on me. What a very unprofessional manager. I wonder how she even reached that level?!

\Honestly, having gone through this service made me loose my appetite! I wonder where I can get a customer feedback paper... or should I just use one whole sheet of yellow pad paper to state my feedback about their service?


I hate this branch. This branch makes me hate Pizza Hut.