Live in Color.

Aug 11, 2012

Think of your favorite color. Think of how it makes you feel. If it’s yellow, does it make you feel joyful when you see a bouquet of sunflowers? If it’s blue, does watching the sky calm you? Color can have a great effect on your mood, stress level and performance. Color therapy extends beyond thinking about your favorite color. Each color promotes a series of emotions and attitudes. Paying special attention to the colors that surround you is a simple way to improve mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

Be creative. Paint your bedroom walls or put colored draperies on the windows. Too drastic for you?
Start simply by hanging a poster, changing the screen saver on your computer or buying a small area rugh. If you've been feeling a little down, choose uplifting, happy colors. Overwhelm or stressed? Choose colors that promote calmness and serenity. You may even notice your color choices affecting the people around you.

Catherine Cumming said…

Red is the color of passion and of strength, motivation, and physical drive. It fills us with the energy to get things done. Tip: Buy a red clock to stimulate productivity.

Yellow is connected to matters of the intellect and detachment, and induces a rational, discerning approach linked to mental control. Yellow is an expansive and optimistic color, one that is light, pure positive and uplifting in nature. Tip: To promote mental growth, write notes on a yellow pad.

Green is the color associated with balance and harmony, it is the color of kindness, compassion, caring, and sharing. Green is comforting and stress-relieving. Tip: Throw a green area rug on the floor to promote balance and stability.

Blue is the color for calm. Blue is cooling, pacifying, and comforting and it helps us to wind down, adopt a more leisurely pace, and simply relax. Tip: Paint your door blue so that you can begin your evening leaving behind stress and embracing true calmness.

From  Pinterest, I saw this infographic...


Finally found the best color for you?


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