Our Salute to you, Sec. Jesse Robredo!

Aug 24, 2012

It was after my birthday, August 18 year 2012, when I read tweets about the plane crash in Masbate wherein Secretary Jesse Robredo was on board. He was said to be going home for his daughter's rite after winning a swimming competition. In spite of  his busy schedule as the DILG Secretary, it clearly shows how much he balances his time to his family and to his job.

After two days of continuous search and prayer, Sec. Robredo's body was retrieved inside the plane he was riding, 800 meters away from shore which was 180 feet under.
"I mourn for a man I didn't know much about until a few days ago. I pity myself for not knowing about his work while he was alive."

I watch news all the time so I had a little background of how he looked like or how great he was as the DILG Secretary. Given that, it truly made me sad and almost cried when I heard that a day has passed and he wasn't found yet. I wanted to hope but in reality, we all know where he is already.

I may not know much of Secretary Robredo but I tried searching his works and life and found these pictures from different sources across google images and twitter.

Sec. Robredo's look in the above picture is the look I have in mind of him. Whenever I hear news about the DILG, that's the look that crosses my head and he was the only man I know and will always remember as the DILG Secretary. That look, that attire and that smile is enough to show how humble Sec. Jesse was.

He was a simple, humble man who showed so much, shared so many and selflessly served our country with his undying hope for good governance. He is one of those politicians who will be remembered in our history and will surely be the person each and everyone of us now are wanting to be like.

I hope that one day, the movie producers can come up with a biography movie of Secretary Jesse Robredo wherein, I strongly believe, would inspire the future (even the existing) politicians or government officials and employees to do only what is good but what is right. And if I were to ask who I can suggest to play the role, I would say that Al Tantay would be a great actor to play as Sec. Robredo.

I admit, I know a little of him and it is why I really wish they can make a biography of Sec. Jesse. I'm sure he wants us to be inspired with what he has started, what he was fighting for and what he wants our country to be. Indeed, he was a big loss to our country being one of the finest government official but it would be a bigger loss if we don't continue his legacy. May his death bear fruit.

I got some of the tribute photos of him, again through google and twitter, which has his words on it.

These were only some of his words that I'm sure he wants us to be inspired with. Let us not let his words remain as a memory but a principle each and everyone of us should have.

A job well done indeed, Sec. Jesse Robredo! Thank you for the inspiring smile, character and principles. May you rest in peace. You will be remembered, and your legacy will be continued and lived on.

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