Secret Confidence Busters

Aug 11, 2012

You might think these habits are harmless, they could be majorly sabotaging your self-esteem!


Dishing with friends is fun but when you’re always bagging on other girls behind their backs, you’ll begin to wonder if they’re talking about you that way, too. And it’s impossible to feel secure when you’re worried that people are judging you.

Tip: The next time your friends start whispering about another girl, nix the harsh comments and say something positive instead. Building up other people will kick up your confidence.


No one wants to sound conceited (“I know my skin is perfect!”). But if you’re constantly dismissing praise, you’ll miss out on well-deserved boosts to your self-esteem or even worse, you might make yourself feel like you actually are unworthy.

Tip: You won’t sound egotistical if your response is genuinely appreciative. (“That so nice of you. Thanks!”) It will show you don’t expect praise. Then let those kind words sink in!


Sometimes, assignments seem so hard (or boring) that you’ll find excuses to do them later. But if you always turn in things late or fall tests because you didn’t  leave enough time to study, you’ll start to feel like you’re not capable of doing well.

Tip: Make your work more manageable by breaking down what you need to do for each assignment as soon as you get it. Tackle a few steps each day, and then reward yourself with a break!


A little bit of competitors will keep you motivated. But always trying to outdo everyone else can make you believe that you must prove yourself or be the best just to get people to respect you.

Tip: Instead of comparing yourself with your friends, focus on things you enjoy (like, in art class, think about how great it feels to be creative, not the best painter). You’ll feel good about you – and worry less about how you stack up!

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