Cuddler Pet Hub Dog Grooming in Cavite

Sep 7, 2012

I do not want to sound bias but with all honesty, this is the cheapest dog grooming I know. We don't really own a breeded pet and our dogs don't go to pet shops for dog groomings... we groom them ourselves because they are Aspins. (Asong Pinoy or former called askals).

In school, we have a project in our Internet Marketing subject wherein we need to find an SME that does not or has at least a minimal internet promotions. We were challenged to help them out with the e-marketing strategies and promotions to help them out not only with the sales but with the company's objectives too.

I was scouting for an SME months ago, and I passed this pet shop along Sunny Brooke Lane, Barangay San Francisco, General Trias Cavite. Just right after the Jetti gasoline station (if you'll be coming from Monterey). The shop's name is  Cuddler Pet Hub Dog Grooming. I had an idea of what our classmates chose for their project and I just wanted to be different. I asked the owner of the shop who is Mrs. Josephine Bunda if she will allow us to help their company with the online promotions and she said yes.

As part our project, I visited the shop a couple of times now and stayed there until their closing. I was able to check, review and take pictures of their products and store. I was also able to observe how they do their service to pet customers and how the staff and the owner herself (sometimes with the husband) entertain the dog owners.

Mrs. and Mr. Bunda, the owners
They handle their customers well because they, themselves are pet owners. The business existed, according to Mrs. Bunda, because she had a hard time having her dogs groomed far from where they live plus it costs a lot. She then thought of learning how to groom dogs and thought of using that knowledge to create her own dog grooming shop which not only to earn profit but most importantly, to serve dog owners a good service with an affordable price.

Like mentioned earlier, they are the cheapest dog grooming I know because they offer a full groom to small breed dogs for only Php 350! When I say full groom, it includes toothbrushing, ear cleaning (plucking), nail cutting, bath with perfume (often times with flea powder) and hair cutting/styling.

How could I conclude they are the cheapest when I don't have my dogs groomed? Well, I have quite a large number of friends or people I know that owns a dog. When they tell stories about their pets, they sometimes mention how dog grooming could be a pain in the pockets. But that won't be a problem anymore with the existence of Cuddler Pet Hub Dog Grooming! :)

Sunny Brooke Lane (Brgy San Francisco) Branch
Trece Branch
The only thing about it is, so far, they only have two branches. In Sunny Brooke Lane, and the other at Trece Martires City, near M.Lhuillher. And it is actually a challenge for me and my groupmates on how to help their potential customers and target markets around those area.

Being able to observe their service, I can say that not all cheap services or products are as bad as most people look at it. The price is not always a guarantee that the product/service is of good quality. Never judge the product/service with a cheap fee or price unless you have tried it yourself.

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