GoHotel - our first experience

Sep 13, 2012

GOhotel in Mandaluyong. Next to Robinsons Forum Pioneer.
Last year (2011), month of June, my parents came home for their annual holidays. My mom mentioned earlier that she plans to stay in Manila for a week. I asked her where we will be staying and she said she reserved a room in gohotel. I wasn't familiar with the hotel and I searched for it in Google. The website was simple but bright to the eyes which makes it lively. I find the website very helpful. I love their online booking because it's informational. I just had a problem with the payment before but now that I went to book for another stay on October, it was a lot easier because finally, the Robinsons Bank wasn't offline. As far as I know, there are only three options for you to pay your online booking which are through bank deposit in a Robinsons bank only, through your credit card and lastly, pay directly in their office.

Since the price of our stay was cheap compared to our former hotel stays, I didn't expect much from them. I even thought that the hotel would be a crap but I was wrong in judging them.

Our room.

The signs on the walls of the rooms.

The view from our window.

My parents in the gohotel lobby.

Where we have our breakfast and dinner in.

In the lobby area of our room floor eating our midnight snack.

Hallway to our room.
Customers are not allowed to bring food inside the rooms to keep it clean and to avoid ants too. This is one of the things I like about this hotel. It teaches every Juan to be responsible in keeping the rooms clean, in helping the crew in keeping the place clean and in throwing the rubbish in its proper places.

Again, this was a year a go and I'm pretty sure that there has been changes in the hotel. I will blog about them during our stay there this coming October 5. By the way, there is wifi both in the rooms and in the hallways and the signal is pretty good too.

It's better to do online booking earlier than your target date so it would not cost much. The closer the date is, it is much expensive.

How about you? How was your experience in gohotel? :)

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