I'm volunteering at PAWS.

Sep 1, 2012

I have been hearing about this organization for so long. I know what they do and I admire them. I wanted to be a part but, I admit, I became to lazy. But upon seeing the news about this employee of DepEd bashing a dog with a baseball bat, it really got me. With no hesitation, I decided to be an ACTIVE volunteer for the PAWS.

My parents and I, even my family (mother's side) are animal lovers. Ever since I was a kid, we used to have dogs and cats at home. Most of our pets have no breeds for we only get them from either friends or we adopt those that we see on the streets. If only I can adopt all the animals I see on the roads or streets, I would! I even told my mom before that I want to own a pet home.

With this decision, I quickly went to the PAWS website and searched for the "How to become a PAWS volunteer?". I read through the other information and links on their FAQs and downloaded their volunteer application form. I went to their facebook page and looked for the next orientation to be a legit volunteer for their organization. I joined and I want to ask you guys to join too.

Please, be a volunteer or a supporting member to PAWS. Our animals love us and in return, let us love them back not only by loving them alone but loving and caring for the others of their kind too. Attend the orientation on November 10, 2012 with the accomplished application from. Read through the description of the event page of PAWS for more information.



We do not need to have a reason to help (may it be for human beings or animals) for it's not a choice, it's actually a responsibility we have as a person.

Instead of us wasting our time playing useless computer games, stalking on our crushes in facebook or just spending an entire day in the internet, why not actually go out and socialize and be a volunteer?

After this post, I will search for volunteering to different stuff too. Imma try Red Cross too.

Make life meaningful. Go out, help, enjoy and inspire. :)

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