Shrimp Popcorn.

Sep 13, 2012

Last night, I was wondering around the SM Supermarket finding a simple and easy to cook food for our strategic marketing project. I was along the fries and fish finger section when I found this shrimp popcorn package.
Captain's Catch: Shimp Popcon. 200g. 133php.
I love eating seafoods especially shrimps or some would call it prawns. This is why when I saw this product, with no hesitation, I took it to the counter and paid it. I quickly went home to cook it. It's frozen and you just need to deep fry it.

During the process of cooking, if the oil you use is the typical oil you buy from sari-sari stores, the breading of the shrimps would stick to the frying pan. The second time I cooked this earlier, I used the Golden Fiesta cooking oil and it looked better. You just got to be patient in cooking this until it is really golden looking like the picture on its packaging.

For me, the taste is satisfying. There are 15pcs of shrimp popcorns inside the package. And I only have 5 left now. The size of the shrimps is small but I tell you, the 5 pcs is enough to make you burp especially if you partner it with plain rice - typical Filipino meal.

I just don't know where else to find this but if you're living around Dasma and you crave for shrimps like how I usually do, try this product out. It's worth the money.

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