SUPERB Guestlist!

Sep 9, 2012

So I was about to log out from Facebook to do my things to do today when I decided to scroll through my news feed just to see if some of my school mates have posted pictures from their Singapore trip last week. And this caught my eye...

I tried checking Candymag since I usually log in there. I also tried Sunstar and boom! It was there! I guess I was one lucky girl today! Despite of me finding one for my entry, I did try to find it from other famous sites and I realize it was not so hard to find. I will not be a spoiler to this mini contest so it's your responsibility to find one of your own. Sorry but I'm not going to say which sites you can also find the ad too. I just wanna be fair for those who are patiently looking and waiting for the ad to come out. Hehe.

For the mechanics, just click that screenshot above and it will take you to Super Sale Bazaar's post.

Good luck guys! :)

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