Sep 14, 2012

As I was cleaning my room the other day, I filled up my former receipts into one brown folder and checked which are important and which needs to be thrown. During that process, I saw this one receipt from SM Supermarket Batangas...

I just don't understand why can't SM give two points to all their customers who bring their greenbags to use for shopping even if the bag is not 3/4 filled? Shouldn't they consider and reward the willingness of their customers to use eco-friendly bags even if it they are just buying a few products?

I just find these kind of promotions contradicting. How can you fully encourage customers to participate in doing their share in helping mother earth when there must be requirements to be met? It clearly shows that to earn or be rewarded of the two (2) points, you gotta make them earn a larger profit first. Pfft! Not that I'm just after the points, please don't get me wrong. My only point is, why can't companies appreciate and just reward those customers who try to help this kind of environmental campaigns? Because through those simple rewards, I believe more people will be encouraged to participate too.

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