Lesson Learned: 101

Oct 31, 2012

Lesson Learned: October 31st year 2012.

No matter what course you take in college, you will for sure have lots of projects to comply with. In my case, our course Marketing and Advertising Management in De La Salle Univerisity - Dasmarinas not only do paperworks like marketing plans or term papers but also outputs such as print ads, radio ads and tvc. These projects are usually due on the last term (finals) of our semester though some would eventually give different project outputs in the beginning of the term.

Given those facts, I failed to compile every output - may it be paperworks or projects - that I can show as my portfolio to my future clients or employers. I have some of them in my external drive but it would have been easier if I have compiled them all together in one folder which was easy to locate.

Now, I have to find all of my works for portfolio compilation to show to the officer in charge of the marketing and advertising department of the TV Station here in Papua New Guinea. I think they are looking for someone who can help them with their advertising.

One more thing, after attending seminars or events related to your course or career, always spare some time to update your CV or most commonly known as your resume. Not all events, conferences or seminars often give out certificates so before you forget what date it was held and what the title or topic of the seminar/event/conference/workshop was, update your CV right away. That way, your resume or CV is always ready from printing or mailing.

So my lesson learned for today is to always compile every thing you do related to your career and always update your CV/resume right after you accomplish something or attended somewhere. This will save you from all the hassle of finding and updating. Always spare time to do things. Refrain yourself from setting aside small things you think can wait until tomorrow because these small things can be big things in the near future.

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