Honestly, I don't know how to describe my outfit last Friday. I wore this top I bought from a thrift store in Papua New Guinea. It was the Jajay's top from this post while pairing it with my LeDonne pastel pink flats, my BNY jeans and my Sophie Martin bag. To finish up the girly look, I wore my i2i shades.

I felt pretty that day. Simple but pretty. :p
Yesterday, before I went to meet Ate Mai at Megamall, I decided to drop by the warehouse sale National Bookstore was having. I found out about the sale from Facebook showing a sneak peak of the warehouse sale. The picture only showed the pile of books with its corresponding price tags that made it really appealing. This was the picture...


When I got home today, I received this package. I didn't expect it to be from Belle de Jour since last night, I tried to track my package and the status said something like it's being prepared or something like that. I was very surprised and I'm so delighted to have a hassle-free delivery of my planner.

Hello followers especially the BB (Blackberry) users who are so active with Facebook. I received a message from Globe saying this…

“FREE Globe Advisory: Enjoy unlimited Facebook on your Blackberry for FREE until December 31, 2012! To register, text BB FREEFB to 8888. Please maintain P1 to continue using the service. For other Blackberry services, text BB INFO to 8888 for free. No Advisories? Text STOP ALL to 2977 FREE.”

Again, to register for the free Facebook for your Blackberry until the end of this year, text:

BB<space>FREEFB and send it to 8888.

Sometimes, it is really cool to still receive advisories from Globe. ;)
The key to clear skin is finding the right regimen. By Desi Gallegos.

Most of us take advantage of our health thinking it's healthy enough to be on our priority list but we forget that when we overuse our bodies, it could cause us sickness.We ignore the pains and would just take medicines. We often think that pains we experience are fatigues and curable with just a paracetamol. Please change that mindset! You might be experiencing something worst than just muscle pains or other body discomfort.

Not just because you're not feeling anything wrong, doesn't mean you're perfectly healthy so you should also have a yearly healthy check-up. The following are the 10 must-have checks:
Photo Credits to: anythingunderkenny.wordpress.com
I grew up in a country that used to only have grocery stores, second hand clothing shops and puma shops (sports wear shop). It was only recently that they had a mall that has different stores that offer fashion apparel and accessories.

I was used to buying my clothes and other things from second hand shops. I was never afraid if the owner of the clothing died or whatsoever. Some even say that the clothes from these shops could be dirty and full or bacteria or disease but that never really stopped me from buying not only because I didn't have a choice but because it was cheaper and some are of really good quality.

Even when I reached the Philippines, despite all the good brands I see in the mall, I still find myself hauling my apparels from the racks of the ukay-ukay shops. Unlike in PNG, clothes being sold in second hand shops in the Philippines are either ragged or has stains and holes in it so you really have to be patient in looking through the all the racks.

I am no ukay queen but let me share to you some of my tips when planning or doing ukay shopping.

My close friends usually dub me "fashionista" because I love to dress up. But I am not like those other fashionistas and bloggers that are very creative and daring with their outfits.

I joined Chictopia and the other sites alike. I remember posting few photos which were automatically posted in my Tumblr account and after those posts, I received different messages regarding my outfits. Some were compliments and some were questions and the usual question I get whenever I post another outfit pose was... "Where do you buy your clothes?"

Honestly, about 89% of my clothes are from second hand shops (more known in the Philippines as ukay-ukay). I was raised by my grandmother who was an ukay obsessed person. Most of our bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, her clothes, my clothes, my grand father's clothes were all from ukay. My mother that time works in the province so half my life, I was raised by the ukay queen.