NBS Warehouse Sale.

Nov 17, 2012

Yesterday, before I went to meet Ate Mai at Megamall, I decided to drop by the warehouse sale National Bookstore was having. I found out about the sale from Facebook showing a sneak peak of the warehouse sale. The picture only showed the pile of books with its corresponding price tags that made it really appealing. This was the picture...

The book sale was held at the 4th Floor of National Book Store Quezon Avenue cor. Sct. Borromeo and Panay Avenue. When I went there, I expected to see more books for the sale only started last Thursday but I was wrong. There were a lot of people, almost empty tables and shelves and most of the good stuff were gone. Since I was already there and I didn't want my visit to be a waste, I tried digging from the books left while wishing to find the books I have been wanting to have. I'm glad I didn't give up easily because these were the books that I found...

Marketing books

Business related books

As much as I wanted to buy fiction books, I wasn't able to find good ones for myself. Like in music, we all have our own genre and unfortunately, the type of book I wanted for fiction books were not there. So instead on finding alternatives for my fictions, I just focused on my non-fiction books that is related to my course/career. This way, not only was I able to maximize my visit, my finds would be very informational and useful.

If it wasn't about marketing, I searched for business related books and along the way, I found this book by Nina Garcia. I have been wanting to buy this since last year. You guys have no idea how much happy I was to find this book.

Being updated with the promotions and events not only benefits the company for their promotional campaign but also benefits us, consumers, in saving a lot through their sale and other promos.

I almost believed that we Filipinos no longer value the reading but after seeing all those people cramming to get a hold of their books, I now know my thinking was wrong.


  1. you're lucky enough because you still had the chance to peek at the warehouse sale..unlike me. :( wasn't able to go because of my schedule.

    anyways...i also want that book! little black book of style is a classic to fashionistas-wannabe. :)

    i followed your blog. nice content. check out mine too at http://rzzzp.blogspot.com :)

    1. Hello there sweety. I agree, I'm still somewhat lucky to get the chance to check out the sale even though most of the good books were gone. Hehe.

      I am actually planning to give that little black book of style as my first giveaway after I finish reading it. I just really need to read it because I feel like I suck in fashion and style. >.<

      Followed yours too. You have great contents also. Nice meeting you and I hope to know you more. xoxo

    2. wow! for giveaway? seriously? i'm really gonna join that giveaway.. hehe. just let me know. :)

      same here, i hope we can be friends. :))))