Photo credits to Fox News website
        We all have people we call friends. Generally, they are the ones we often go out with, people whom we share our life experiences and secrets to and commonly, they are the ones we turn to when we can no longer hold our problems to ourselves.
        But is it really what friends are? Honestly, I don't know too. We all have our own views and definitions of what friends are and how they should be. Some even made these criteria to find out who are true and who are not. Is it that necessary? I don't think so.
When we lose something, we eventually gain something else. Just like in friendships, we all have experienced losing friends. It is not easy to gain new ones and it was never easy to maintain friends. But I'm so glad that despite I don't communicate nor see this two, they never made me feel like they are just someone I know. They have always made me feel that if I need someone to talk to, I have a friend such as them.

It's true... True friends are hard to find. It's just that I'm lucky enough to have met and have this two in my life. 

When I opened Facebook earlier, I saw this vintage looking poster of an event this coming Saturday. Honestly, I got interested to look at what kind of event it is because the poster looked unusual. It was not the usual graphic designs. It was real objects put together to create that stunning poster. See for yourself.

When I was looking through their website, I first noticed their description: "A community of Filipino cultural creatives sharing ideas on mindful living". It got me more interested especially that the brands were new to me though I already had an idea that the items mostly eco-friendly.

I guess one of the most exciting part of college is having your graduation shot taken. It makes you feel you're finally moving on from your life. It feels good to know that all your efforts in studying, staying up late and cramming for projects due the next day and waking up early in the morning just to attend classes (even for just the sake of attendance) every day is finally paying off. However, this is also that time of a college life when you get that paranoia of what to wear, how to look good or how to beautifully/handsomely smile to the camera. No one wants to look haggard and hilarious on their graduation picture especially that it will be put into your school yearbook.