Mindful Living: Muni PH

Dec 5, 2012

When I opened Facebook earlier, I saw this vintage looking poster of an event this coming Saturday. Honestly, I got interested to look at what kind of event it is because the poster looked unusual. It was not the usual graphic designs. It was real objects put together to create that stunning poster. See for yourself.

When I was looking through their website, I first noticed their description: "A community of Filipino cultural creatives sharing ideas on mindful living". It got me more interested especially that the brands were new to me though I already had an idea that the items mostly eco-friendly.
Back when I was first year college, I wanted to help the earth and the community I live in in my own simple ways. When I was tasked to do some barangay service, I saw how some public school students really struggle in the way they learn in school through the books they use, the chairs they sit in, the visual aids that were posted on the rooms of their walls that were almost falling off and the papers they write in. I thought to myself... "These kids really try to not to use their papers (tinitipid talaga), while I have tons and tons of memo pads, sticky notes, stationary and scrap paper at home." From that thought, I started to conceptualize this advocacy I and my ex boyfriend's sister made which was the Use Less Advocacy. When you first hear it, of course, you'd think it's useless. But it is two separate words - use less - which means we should lessen the consumption of things.

Knowing a community such as Muni PH exist encourages me to pursue on the advocacy we once were actively advocating. Due to my school works and as for Ate Vanessa, her job related out-of-town, we didn't have time to update the page nor continue the advocacy. Thanks to Muni PH, they've encouraged me again. They've given me hope and faith that Philippines could still be the better place we Filipinos can proudly call home.

I'm very much interested to be a part of this community especially now that I'm studying green marketing. This subject have triggered my community service plans but honestly, thanks to Muni PH because they were like the missing key to the door. I'm now more confident to pursue on my advocacy and plans to help my community and country because I know I'm on the right page.

I hope that I can contribute the lessons or things I learn from my green marketing class to Muni PH's and vice versa. I'm really happy that I found a community I can finally share my environmental sentiments to. I pray that this community grows. More power Muni!

Btw, they have giveaway. Who knows? You still have a day left. Good luck! :)

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this, Louise! You don't know how much this warms our heart. And really, it is reading blog posts like this that make the effort worth it, knowing that we've affected even just a handful of individuals in this way is a huge deal for us. We'd really love to explore working with you in the future. Very intrigued by green marketing! Will we meet you on Saturday? :)