Friends: How do we define them?

Dec 26, 2012

Photo credits to Fox News website
        We all have people we call friends. Generally, they are the ones we often go out with, people whom we share our life experiences and secrets to and commonly, they are the ones we turn to when we can no longer hold our problems to ourselves.
        But is it really what friends are? Honestly, I don't know too. We all have our own views and definitions of what friends are and how they should be. Some even made these criteria to find out who are true and who are not. Is it that necessary? I don't think so.

        Honestly, the people I used to call my friends before are now my most hated people. I guess, it just happens. We meet them, we get along, we see good and bad things about them and then there comes a point where we either accept the bad things or stay away from them instead. And sadly, I usually do the latter.

        I couldn't say that I don't have any more friends because as a matter of fact, I still have a few and they are the ones that, even though we don't usually see or talk to each other, are always there. Never forgetting, never hating on me. Never saying bullshit behind my back and they are the ones who has the guts to tell me straight the things they want me to change.

        I guess, this is my view of a friend: Someone who will be there no matter how fucked up you are. They will continuously forgive and forget the mistakes you did to them and to yourself and eventually help you be a better person.

        There's nothing wrong with making new friends. There's also nothing wrong in forgetting old friends who never made you feel better about yourself. But, it's never a good habit of doing this two together.
I started months ago treasuring friends who never made me feel less of myself. And I will continue doing so next year. And I also learned that not just because we hang out with the person or that we have met them through someone we know, we can already call them "a friend". Let us not overrate the word. Let us use the word to those who truly deserves it.

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