Graduation Pictorial

Dec 5, 2012

I guess one of the most exciting part of college is having your graduation shot taken. It makes you feel you're finally moving on from your life. It feels good to know that all your efforts in studying, staying up late and cramming for projects due the next day and waking up early in the morning just to attend classes (even for just the sake of attendance) every day is finally paying off. However, this is also that time of a college life when you get that paranoia of what to wear, how to look good or how to beautifully/handsomely smile to the camera. No one wants to look haggard and hilarious on their graduation picture especially that it will be put into your school yearbook.

Last Monday (December 3, 2012), was that time for me. I was scheduled for my graduation shot and with all honesty, I was not really prepared. Unlike some of the people I know who bought their new corporate attires, new dresses and heels for their casual shots and for some the boys, they had their hair cut, I chose to use the dress I have not yet used and for my corporate attire, I used my old ones. As much as I wanted to wear something different, I didn't have any budget at all to do so.

One of the many things that frightened me who will be my make-up artists and hair stylist. You know those typical graduation shots where the faces of the students look terribly white (as if they used up all the foundation), oh how I truly feared that. But thankfully, the make-up artists and hairstylists of the studio in charge for our graduation pictorial were professionals. They now what color palettes fits your skin tone, what hair style will match your face shape and all the other things to consider.

The studio that was in charge goes by the name TinoLEY Digital Photography. I forgot to ask if they have a website or at least a Facebook page, however, in the flyers the they have provided before the shoot, there was a contact number and an email address which I will be posting below this post.

Our package includes four shots (half body) wearing a toga, four shots (half body) for the business attire and another four shots (whole body) for the casual. But I availed their Filipiniana package where they will provide you with the Filipiniana attires, retouch your hair and make-up (for girls) and take four shots of you, half body. For me, it's once in a lifetime photo shoot so I grabbed the opportunity. Here are some of my shots that day.

Toga shot

Corporate Attire shot

Filipiniana shot

Casual shot
These pictures were written on a cd and were given to us - unedited. What I did was, since the photos were taken as RAW (which means the color were dull), I adjusted some of the blacks, light and recovery in Lightroom to bring out the color. In our graduation day, the studio will hand us the edited files of the photos plus the prints included in our package.

Though I was a little nervous on that pictorial, the photos turned out fine. And that's what matters most for me. How about you? How was your graduation pictorial? Or even your high school one? Too bad, my high school was spent abroad, we didn't have this kind of pictorials.

I will try contact the head or the owner if I can go and take a photo of them while working so I can fully recommend them to you guys.

TinoLEY Digital Photography
Mobile: 0917-846-6539

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