It was quite hard choosing which ones I wanna be with because as we all want, we would like to celebrate with our loved ones and closest friends. But because I'm only required to name five for this list, it made me realize who are the ones special to me aside from my parents of course.

        Please do allow me to also introduce who there are so you would know why they're special to me and why I wished to be with them this Christmas.

Photo Credits to HP
        Back when I was younger, printers are so hard to purchase. They were too expensive and my mom would tell me, “Just give me the file (saved in a floppy disk) and I will print it in the office.” In other words, it didn’t seem to be a necessity. But now, I guess, somehow, it became one of the basic needs at home.

        I believe that because of the internet era, the printer became a necessity.  Since the easiest and fastest way to get information is through online, having a printer at home is ideal so one can easily print out whatever they need.

        Now, printers are way cheaper than the ones before. Some even comes with the scanner. Owning a printer is so easy nowadays however, that doesn't apply that' a defective one should be easy to replace.

        I remember some people saying, printers are cheaper because they also get broken easily. I beg to disagree.

        Early this year, I was able to attend a seminar about printing (all kinds of printing). Maintaining a printer isn’t so hard. Printers’ life span depends how often the consumer uses it, according to the speaker of the seminar. I couldn’t remember the exact words or list but these are the tips I remember:

        Guess what I did today? If you guessed I went thrift shopping then you're right! Hehe. I just can't resist especially during my free time!

Excuse my consecutive food blog posts since it's all we can do here in PNG: EAT.

Vision City is a not-so-big mall here in Port Moresby near the Sir John Guise Stadium. Ever since it was built, there were more food choices compared to before where almost all the restaurants are serving Chinese food.

There were other Japanese restaurant before but to my, Ten is by far the best Japanese restaurant I've been to here in Papua New Guinea. The ambience is good and the location is accessible and safe.

        I saw this other blog challenge from Mary of Secret Obsession before this 12 days Christmas blog challenge but wasn't able to blog about it right away since it required so many things: time, ideas for the list and well, time. Hehe.

        But I'm glad that I get to finish the list today! I really thought I'd take forever. I took a few pieces from Mary's blog because I find them very interesting too. You should try this out. It's something new actually because most of the blog challenges I've seen must be accomplished within a month's time. But this... this is different. You have more than two (2) years to accomplish it and accomplish more!

        Honestly, this list made my 2014 exciting! So... here's my 101 things to do in 1001 days!

        I know that the most important thing during Christmas are not the material ones rather the people around us. However, we cannot deny the fact that each and everyone of us are still looking forward at least a present from someone on Christmas eve or the Christmas day itself.

        Receiving/giving presents, disregarding its value, is always a ideal way of expressing how special a person is because words or actions are sometimes not enough to express that. But of course, we all have our own wishlist of the things we wish to have. Here's mine:

Belcibo Restaurant (Ground floor of Vision city)
Last Friday was my mom's birthday and we celebrated it in a restaurant in Vision City, Belcibo. It was like a pasta house. I love the interiors of the place and it's ambiance though I wasn't able to take a photo due to the busy environment during the time we went there.

We ordered Creamy Garlic Prawns, Ossobuco Gremolata and a Shrimp & Asparagus Alfredo.
        I don't usually do blog challenges but since I want to be preoccupied of something new, I find this one to be a great start. Join and spread this blog challenge too!

This Christmas...

1. I'm thankful that I'm celebrating it with my parents.

I've spent several Christmas alone in the Philippines and it feels so good to be back with them here for the holidays.

2. I'm thankful that the three of us (mom, dad and I) are in good health.

Health is an issue for the three of us and we are thankful that we have a good one this month and wishing to have a continuous good health in the coming months and years.

        The entire week last week, I have been visiting the different thrift shops around our area and I'm seriously going broke. Lol.

        I visited the two thrift shops in town, Flex Clothing and Paradise Clothing where I get to buy these items.

        Yes, Paul Walker died in a car accident last Saturday (US time). He was said to be with a friend, driving a Porsche GT, when the car suddenly lost control and crashed on a street light and tree. The crash was so strong it caused so much flame and the car was broken in parts.

Grabbed this photo from

        I found out about this news from Instagram when one of my friends posted about this tragic news. Honestly, this is one of those news I really wished was a hoax... but it wasn't and it's what makes is so heartbreaking. His publicist confirmed his death on his Facebook page and in Reach Out World Wide's page.
        Here is another APOLOGY post for being inactive. I am busy with my online shop and my sleeping habit is kinda messed up so I'm usually asleep when I don't have inquiries. Lol.
        I promise to get back to blogging as soon as possible (at least before I leave). I'm leaving the country on the 22nd and well... it would be harder for me to create posts since internet connection in that country is expensive and poor.
        I plan blog about online selling because that's what I have been up to lately. I hope the following blog posts would help other starting online entrepreneurs.
        For now, I got to get back to my inventory. Bye for now~

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Have you ever heard of "paluwagan"? I encountered this during my high school when a group in my class started to contribute money every day and then in two weeks time or more, depending on the agreed "sahod" (pay), he or she will get the amount... so will the others in their scheduled "pay" day.

I tried to join once but it things came up with the group I was with so it stopped. Unfortunately, most of us didn't get to have our "pay" since we already stopped the "paluwagan". From then on, I find that barkadahan paluwagan not so ideal to earn/save money.

However, I realized that one CAN save and earn money with the same process... but this time, you're on your own. Okay, let's do the math...
        Last night, I have stated my views about the hash tag misuse in Instagram and I would like to further explain it through this post.

        I have chosen FOUR hash tags used in Instagram for online selling. These are the hash tags that were supposed to be powerful and helpful until it was abused.
When I first found out about this app almost 2 years ago, I really wanted it because the filters and the idea of posting just photos is so cool. Just so you know, I'm a very frsutrated photographer. Mahehehe~
As far as I can remember, Instagram can only be downloaded on Apple products such as iPhones and iTouch (and iPad, not sure)... so I was kinda sad because I wanted the app so bad. I even had to borrow my friend's phones to just take photos and have a post in Instagram. But when it became available for other app stores like GooglePlay, I was jumping in joy.
I first owned a Samsung P1000 tablet and I used that to take my first Instagram photos however, since it's like one of the pioneering tablets of Samsung, the quality of the photos were not so good and it doesn't turn out nice in IG.
        So alright, I have been inactive for like... how many weeks? Or months? I didn't notice this until a friend asked me... "What happened to your blog?"

        Well, I have been busy with things: work, online selling, and health issues. So I rarely had the time to check on this blog or make a post PLUS I didn't have much to post about.

        Since I have resigned from work and online selling is what I'm focused on right now, I will try blog every day again. Not so much stories to tell since I don't often go out anymore and usually sick but will try come up with things just to keep this blog active. Mahehe.

        If there are readers of this blog, thank you for checking up. Haha. Imma try research on things to blog and stuff like that to make this blog interesting (coz I know its a boring one).

        If you have any suggestions on what to blog, feel free to comment below. ;)

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Last year, September 18, 2012, we had a tour in Ilocos and stayed in Hotel Salcedo de Vigan for our first night. We arrived at exactly 5:55 am and the sun was already up. It's located a street away from Calle Crisologo.

Last Friday, my friend and I went to the Franchise Expo held in the ground floor of the SMX in Mall of Asia.

If you will attend the next expo, you will either pay 100 pesos for the entrance fee or get a free pass by just presenting your BPI card. It's sometimes easier to go there around lunch or after lunch because when you try to be there early, you might have to go through the long lines of the registration.
Just like the past years, when you walk in, you will quickly see the booths for 7-Eleven, Max's and Goldilocks. They are often placed in the entrance area of the expo. But unlike last year, there are more bigger booths than those mini stalls. One more thing I noticed is that, there are more known brands or companies in the expo than those that are just starting to franchise. I was personally expecting to see more of the latter because as we all know, known companies or brands oftentimes have bigger investments needed than those that are small and just starting.

In a few minutes time, I will be posting my online shop's vintage collection. It consists of cardigans, vests, a dress, and some blouse. This is just a trial so it's just about 10 items.

You're probably wondering why I said that this was a trial. I remember back then when I started my online shop as Baul ni Lola, I was offering  vintage things like accessories and apparels but somehow, it didn't click. So for now, I will see how this collection goes. And if it goes well, then I'll probably purchase more of the vintage things. I'm really a vintage lover; you have no idea how I go gaga with vintage stuff. Hehe.

Last night, I was able to watch Warm Bodies and it is now included in my FAVORITE and MUST-WATCH movies list. Hehe.
I thought it would be a little boring but I was wrong because in the beginning of the movie, Iwas already laughing. Nicholas Hoult's acting was amazing! It really looked natural and his character as a zombie... wait, let me correct that... as an unusual zombie was very funny!
        I truly can't believe I have won this giveaway from Horses of Ares and everyone else who were part of the giveaway! This is the first time I will win a blog giveaway and I'm just really overwhelmed.

        I just saw the blog giveaway from Mary's blog page when I was checking her new posts. I just tried... like what I usually do with the other blog giveaways I come across to. I really didn't expect to win!

        The other afternoon, from work, I got an email from the blogger herself Ms. Adriana Madrigal and told me I won! These were my prizes:
        Could you believe this? I WON! I effin' won! YAHOOOOOO!

        I just really would like to thank Mary for posting that giveaway and I must give appreciation to the bloggers that came up with this kind of giveaway. At least, we are getting to know more bloggers.

        Again, to all of you, thank you so much!

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        Earlier this afternoon, when I got home, my uncle handed me this LBC document package from Globe. I already had a feeling it was my Globe GCASH Card.
        And I was right! I was very excited that it took me about 10 minutes laughing and jumping around our living area before I actually opened the envelop. --medyo mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan ko--

        Hollah! So I have been away from blogger because of many reasons; one of which is my online shop.
        I had been an online seller since 2009. I first started selling vintage necklaces from a supplier I met in After a while, when my mother allowed me to go to Divisoria, I found that the necklaces my supplier was selling were a lot more cheaper there so I started buying from there ever since.
        I'm a compulsive buyer. When I see things and vision it would sell or that I like it, I would risk my allowance just to buy it. So I had a lot of stocks of garments, accessories and coin purses because of that buying behavior.

Thanks again to Booksale Bookstore for having the current issue of one of my favorite magazines - Entrepreneur.

I knew about Entrepreneur magazine through my mom. When I was in high school, and when I'm here in the Philippines, she would tell me to buy her the current and past issues of Entrepreneur. I got curious why my mother likes reading it so after reading one of the issues I bought for her, I understood why she always wanted to have one. Then I myself became a regular reader of the magazine too.

Just like what I did for Candy Magazine (see post here), I will also put the articles I like in their July issue.

Last night, after I watched Four Sisters and a Wedding, I decided to have my dinner in the mall; I chose Kenny Rogers. Since I have cold, I couldn't taste much and so I just ordered the Grilled Fish (Basa) with a side dish of Corn and Carrots. I also ordered a Chicken Soup Noodle.

Shameful to admit but I was never a fan of Pinoy movies because it's either predictable or corny. But when I saw this trailer in ABS-CBN, it really caught my attention.

I have grown up with my Lola Lourdes. She's the strict one. She never allows me to play outside with other kids because she's afraid I might have wounds or injuries since I was a clumsy kid. She spoiled me with all the toys I wanted and almost all the things I ask for when I was a child. She did this to keep me at home. She always wanted what's best for me.

Every first day of July, I feel terribly sad because I remember two of my grand mothers who both died this month - first week and last week of July.

But that's just how life is. People come and go. Things end and eventually new things begin. We just gotta accept it and move forward with our lives.

It wasn't easy to loose the people we love the most but as time moves by, we learn to accept reality. We begin to mature on how we see things. We start to count on what we have than what we have lost.

One of the reasons why I love Booksale bookstore is that they get the next issues of my favorite magazines.

The other day, as I was just walking my way out of SM, I passed Booksale Bookstore's magazine stand and I saw the July 2013 issue of Candy. 

I have been collecting Candy Magazine for who knows how long. Hehe. I lost track on how long I had been collecting this magazine up to this date, even if I'm no longer a teenager.

If you don't have the July 2013 issue of Candy, then grab one soon! These are my TOP favorite picks in the issue.

Today, since it's Sunday and I wanted to go to Divisoria, I remembered this boutique I went to earlier this year. The store's name is IN4MATION. It is a boutique selling gowns and dresses (semi formal and formal). They are open every day (Mon-Sun). They are located in Tutuban Mall. 
Yesterday, I started working for a manufacturing company that produces bottle cups for the leading beverage brands in the Philippines. I didn't know I would be hired there. I didn't know I would be hired the same day I was interview.

Just a heads up. I'm just an office staff that monitors the deliveries, pick-ups and payments of our products and other products that is being kept in our warehouse. Seems easy? Yeah, so far...

I cannot disclose more information regarding my work because our boss is a strict one. And I'm just making this post because I'm happy that instead of just staying at home all day for 5 months, I have this job to earn experience and money too! Mahehe.

Btw, before I end this post, the main reason I also posted this is because I want to share something towards fresh graduates or soon to be fresh grads...

I hope y'all would understand what I'm trying to say.

Good night.
I remember, when I was about  4 or 5 years old, when my mom would usually take me to SM Bacoor, I would drag her to this ice cream stall that I really love. Could you guess what ice cream stall it is?

Well, some may not be aware of Dippin' Dots. Most of it's branches now are located only in Metro Manila.

Large Cup = you can have four different flavors

Banana Split, Choco Mint, Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy
Dippin' Dots are tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice. Microbiologist Curt Jones used his background in cryogenic technology to invent Dippin' Dots in 1988. His invention is now considered the unique, futuristic and fun way to eat ice cream!

As far as I can remember, the Dippin' Dots before do not melt right away because of their high-tech cryogenic freezing process. However, now, it's melts easily and you have to eat it right away.

My favorite flavors are Banana Split, Bubble Gum, Mint Chocolate and  Cotton Candy. There are may more flavors but most of the time, the flavors I mentioned are the ones usually available in their stores.
        According to Munch Punch website, the only locations Dippin' Dots is available in:
  • Shangri-la Plaza Mall Food Stall
  • Alabang Town Center Food Stall
  • Greenhills Shopping Center Food Stall
  • Glorietta 3 Food Stall
  • Market! Market! Food Stall
  • SM Mall of Asia Food Stall
The last time I checked the prices of the cups range from 150 - 200 pesos. The large cup which costs not more than 200 pesos could have four flavors.

Since there is no branch near me, I make it to a point that if I do come across a stall of Dippin' Dots, I will buy one large cup.

The colorful dots and the deliciousness of the ice cream makes it my favorite ice cream of all time. What's yours?
I was scheduled for an interview earlier for a packaging company near my place. The interview only last for less than 15 minutes. The only vacancy for their company is office staff.

Being a graduate of a four-year course, of course I was hoping I'd get a higher position after I graduate but that's not the reality. If you have no or less experience, it will be very hard for you to get a position higher than a staff or front desk. So I took the opportunity instead of just staying at home doing nothing.

I started my online shop business way back 2010. I didn't focus much on it because I was still in college and I had to focus more on my major subjects.

The business was an on/off status most of the time but whenever I had customers, I always recommend JRS as my default courier. Since I live in Cavite, I follow the provincial rates which JRS is I believe the cheapest among the other couriers. But do let me correct your perception, not just because they have a cheaper rate doesn't mean their service is poor or cheap too. I was always impressed with how JRS handle transactions and customers. Ever since I started my online business, I've used JRS and they never let me down.

Every weekend, my mom and I speaks on the phone for minutes, talking about how our day went or about random things. They went to a movie last weekend and mentioned she saw this movie trailer entitled The Internship. She said it was something about Google and it looks fun.

If you all remember the phenomenal movie of Facebook, I imagined that movie somewhat like that. But after seeing this trailer, it looks something different than I expect it to be.

My mom is waiting for this movie to show. I, too, is waiting for it to show here in the Philippines. I doubt though that I'd be able to see it before she does because most of the good movies are usually shown in PNG first.

This is in one of the movies my "to-watch" list now. What are the movies in your list?

Apply make-up like a pro.

1. Wet your eyeshadow brush. This will create a bold, defined color and allow you to apply it with precision.
2. Wiggle your mascara. As you apply it, gently wiggle the wand side to side as you move it up your eyelashes. This will reduce clumps and separate and lengthen your lashes.
3. Be gentle. Always use your finger in a dabbing motion when applying creams around the delicate eye area as this will apply the least pressure.
4. Prepare the canvas. Even skin tone is an essential factor in applying makeup. Exfoliate and moisturise to ensure your foundation doesn't crack, clump or weigh your skin down.
5. Clean your brushes. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Use shampoo to clean your brushes thoroughly every month.
6. Choose foundation for the season. Your skin tone can change depending on how much sun it's seeing so make sure you re-test your color as the weather changes.

Sometimes we find the good things in the unexpected times.

I was already on my way out of Robinson's Pala-pala the other day after dropping off Sam when I saw this booth of Snoe. I knew there was a booth of skin care/cosmetics products there before but I never knew it was Snoe.

Last Friday, I was able to try Tokyo Tokyo's Salmon Donburi. I had been craving for fish lately and for a change, I didn't want to eat in Kenny Rogers.

I knew that with the price of 85php, the serving would be small. I asked the lady in the counter how big the salmon would be and she said it is just one slice of salmon cut into two pieces. If you eat a lot, that kind of serving wouldn't be enough for you but for me, it was just right.

Waking up every morning and before sleeping at night, I drink this chocolate nutritional supplement power drink. This was suggested by my doctor after my operation last year (2012). 

This was given to me because after my operation, I still couldn't eat full meals. I was only allowed to eat soft foods like mamon, noodles and alike. Drinking this replaces the meals I wasn't able to take either because I'm in a hurry with school/work or because I'm not feeling too well.
        It was a fine day in Boracay that day when a woman approached my parents for a free buffet dinner at Astoria Hotel. My mom quickly reacted and asked, "Really? That buffet is free?" The lady that approached them confirmed that the buffet was free. As a matter of fact, they gave my parent's this small coupon.

        I wasn't with them when the lady, named Marian, approached them. I was left in the other side of station 2 because I was buying some frappe. When I got to the hotel, my dad excitedly told me that we were having a free dinner buffet at a hotel named Astoria, which, told by the Marian, was what Boy Abunda has been endorsing on TV. I reacted just like my mom and asked my dad, "How sure are you that it's free? What's their deal?"
        Last week, as I was doing my weekend errands at SM Dasmarinas, I saw this newly opened milk tea house named Cobo. The interiors are colorful making it eye-catching and inviting.

        They are located in the top floor of SM Dasmarinas, near the cinemas, across Smart Communication Center. You'll love their store even more because they have a free wifi connection and just so you know, they do not use the crappy SM Free Wifi, they have their own.