I've always loved seeing BDJ's checklist which is seen few pages after the first page of their planners. I love the ideas they write in there, though it will only be this year that I'm determined to complete them all. But the thing is, some of it, well, I don't think I'll ever accomplish; things like... "get married".

         I've started doing the 54th challenge from the list.
        It was last year when I started finding a game to play in the internet. I've been at home almost everyday and life was getting boring.

        Through my search in Facebook for a game, I found this game called Marketland and since I'm a marketer, I got interested. I knew it would be like Farmville, Cafe World or those sorts of games that became popular before (which I grew tired playing way back). But I still the game anyway and guess what level I am now?

        Yes! I'm already on level 33 and my coins have reached 4M. I'm that addict already. You know what, I actually take note of the time of my shipments and the time of their arrivals so that I don't waste any stocks. I even go online during my free-time (since I've been very busy lately) just to check if my groceries or other items still has stock.

        I don't think it's the game that got me addicted. What I mean is, it's no different from the ones I used to play before in Facebook too. Probably, the main reason I enjoy and really play this game is because my mom and I has this frustration in putting up a retail store of our own. And seeing my store virtually makes me feel somewhat successful. Hehe.

        Playing this game isn't just for entertainment anymore. It teaches me to be responsible.
I'm not really fond of watching TV unless, of course, if I really like the show. However, earlier today, I had no choice but to watch TV. I have flu and I need bed rest. I couldn't sleep so I turned on my TV and scanned for a good show to watch.

I came across National Geographic. The show was entitled "Caugh in the Act". I didn't wanna watch it. I have this soft heart for animals. I couldn't stand watching them kill and get killed. But minutes passed and I just found myself watching the show. I found myself trying to understand why animals kill, though I already know why.