BOOKWORM: 2013 BDJ Checklist

Jan 30, 2013

        I've always loved seeing BDJ's checklist which is seen few pages after the first page of their planners. I love the ideas they write in there, though it will only be this year that I'm determined to complete them all. But the thing is, some of it, well, I don't think I'll ever accomplish; things like... "get married".

         I've started doing the 54th challenge from the list.

        I started listing the books I'm interested at and some books recommended by friends as well. Some of the books listed were from my friends' feed in Goodreads.

        I've already started reading some of them and as you can see from the photo above, I've already finished three. For this challenge, you may check my Goodreads account. You can also check my Reading Challenge status on my sidebar found at the right of this blog.

        Reading for some might be a boring thing to do. But to me, it has become my best bud.


  1. i had the entry crossed out in the checklist too. :)) added you at goodreads.


    1. Hello Riza. Yes, I did see your invitation in Goodreads. I accepted it already. Thanks for the add.

      Well, I guess, it's one of the easiest things to do in that list. ;)

  2. hi :) i have also included that 100books to read this 2013 - i have not completed my list though and i am still stuck in book#2 - eh feb na :)

    1. Hehe. Don't worry, it's not yet too late. There's still March to December. :p

      You have Goodreads account? There are heaps of books there that you can choose from to complete your list. ;)

  3. hi :)

    i just read your reply last night when i decided to backread my posts, but was just too sleepy to answer :)
    i have a Goodreads account but i dont know how to use it - i have a kindle which has half of the 100books that i will be reading this year. i am still reading my 6th book :D