The World's Becoming a Jungle.

Jan 28, 2013

I'm not really fond of watching TV unless, of course, if I really like the show. However, earlier today, I had no choice but to watch TV. I have flu and I need bed rest. I couldn't sleep so I turned on my TV and scanned for a good show to watch.

I came across National Geographic. The show was entitled "Caugh in the Act". I didn't wanna watch it. I have this soft heart for animals. I couldn't stand watching them kill and get killed. But minutes passed and I just found myself watching the show. I found myself trying to understand why animals kill, though I already know why.

Upon watching, you know what I realized? Well, I realized that the world is becoming like a jungle now; just like the jungle I saw from the show. And just like animals, people around us are now killing each other for power, territory, and survival.

Realizing it really makes me sad. We were created, brought up and taught as humans but how come there are still people acting worst than animals? They are killing people brutally. They act like they don't have conscience. They live their lives far worser than an animal.

I know it's such a bad thing to hear from a citizen that he/she's losing hope for his/her country. But I really am losing hope for my country. Philippines, no matter how many laws will be created and passed, no matter how the Church tries to manipulate people, no matter how many times we take down the elected president, no matter how much we try to lessen the crime, if our own citizens don't know what DISCIPLINE is, then nothing's going to change.

You know what, I did my part in trying to help our country but even if volunteers like me exert so much effort in helping the community, if the others don't seem to care, could you really blame us for giving up?

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and it's also the hardest thing to do. If our fellow man starts to cooperate in creating a better country, then that will be the only time I'd get my hopes back.

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