Everything you will read below is from the leaflet I got from the person in charge in their DLSUD Lasallian Week bazaar stall...

Forest Candles
The Name that Speaks Quality
For more than 15 years now...
"Light a Candle, Light a Child's Life"
is handcrafter by the
Out of School Youth and Unemployed Parents

Company Profile:
 This Candle Manufacturing was founded by Ms. Lourdes Montinola Antonio on 1996 at Binan Laguna, it was officially registered by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on August 25, 1997 and have the official business name Forest Candles. Since then, Forest Candles started manufacturing hard and high quality handcrafted novelty specialized design scented candles, wedding candles and basic candles for all occasions. Because of its Quality dedication, Forest Candles is one of the suppliers of the five star hotels, high class restaurants, bars, wedding stores, flower shops, souvenir shops and elite department stores in the Philippines for more than 15 years now.
Forest Candles beneficiaries are the out of school youth and street children, to extend more help to those unprivileged sector of our society. This program is a way of helping them to survive independently earning from their own labor and to teach them build their dreams and make themselves better individuals.

I saw their stall in our school bazaar and bought a few rose candles. 
        Today, I went to the school to do some shoot when I walked pass the bazaar area. I forgot it was our Lasallian week.

        As I was walking, this caught my eye...

        So I approached the stall and wow, I just fell in love with the products. I'm really fond of crafts of native products or vintage things. I found out that these items were made out of water hyacinth. Then I remembered, I still owe a post about Jacinto and Lirio.
        Recently, I have received questions about the books I read. It's only last year I started reading again; full time. I stopped reading when I reached high school probably because of peers and gmicks here and there. Reading becomes an old-fashioned thing to do when one enters high school. You'll either be teased as a nerd or boring person. And like all other teens, I wanted to belong in a group who wouldn't teased as such.
        Back in grade school, I have a classmate/best friend/reading buddy, her name is Kim Umali. We used to spend our time in the library. Our school usually allot time for students to have their library periods. Kim and I usually go to the fiction section. I remember us going gaga over the Pony Pals. We even met another person, a transferee, and Indonesia named Marta. We call her Ame.

        The three of us spend our bonding times reading in the library and when some of teh books of Pony Pals ain't available, we'll hit the encyclopedia racks or those science books to read and study. But high school came and as I said above, I stopped reading then.

        As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed earlier this morning, I saw this poster by Caronia Philippines.

        I only go to a nail salon once in a month because I usually do my nails. I buy my own set of tools and honestly, I do use Caronia. I really love their colors! The only time I have a manicurista do my nails is when I'm back in my Dad's province, in Bauan Batangas.