PRODUCTS: Bazaar Finds.

Feb 14, 2013

        Today, I went to the school to do some shoot when I walked pass the bazaar area. I forgot it was our Lasallian week.

        As I was walking, this caught my eye...

        So I approached the stall and wow, I just fell in love with the products. I'm really fond of crafts of native products or vintage things. I found out that these items were made out of water hyacinth. Then I remembered, I still owe a post about Jacinto and Lirio.

        Anyway, these items were made by Tanza Water Hyacinth Weavers and Gatherers Association with Mr. Manuel Mintu as their president. I was kinda in a hurry so I wasn't able to really talk with the person in charge. I wasn't able to ask questions but I'm hoping I could someday be able to have a chitchat with them like the one I did back in Muni Pop Shop.

        Honestly, I didn't have any plans of buying any item in the bazaar but I really fell in love with one of the bags. And I started to use it today already... planning to use it again tomorrow. I bought it for P230. I didn't haggle the price not because I'm rich or that I have a lot of money on hand. But because I find these kind of products hard to produce therefore making money worth it.

My Water Hyacinth Bag with a Heart design
Close up
Detail of the bag

Detail of the strap

The Heart Design

        Sometimes, we also have to consider this kind of things when buying. We oftentimes buy bags from malls that are priced higher than P230 and we buy it because of either the style or the brand. Have you asked yourself... is this really worth my money? Does the price justify the product? 'Cause when I saw and bought my bag from this stall, I really believe my money's worth it compared to those other expensive bags.

        Moving on... upon walking towards where I'm headed too, I found another stall that got in interested. The colorful, mini flowers/roses caught my attention. I thought it was some sweets but those flowers were candles!

        Forest Candles was the one behind the stall. And yes those are candles! They are cute, aren't they? I bought these candles. I may not have received any real rose today but these candle roses truly made my day. ♥


I bought the set of red roses for P35 and these cute pink ones for P20 each.

        I wanna retype the leaflet they gave me for you to understand more what Forest Candles is about and what are their other services. I hope you can spare some more time to read it here.

        These two company really got me interested. They are not only providing these wonderful products but also, they provide jobs for our fellowmen. This is the main reason why, if given a chance, I would like to help them promote their products. I want to help them with their marketing for free. ^_^

        See their contact details below:

Tanza Water Hyacinth Weavers
and Gatherers Association
Facebook | Manuel Mintu (President) | 0927-2766759/0929-7650991

Forest Candles
Facebook | 0915-7933383/046-5199791

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