CONTESTS: Caronia's Photo Contest

Feb 1, 2013

        As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed earlier this morning, I saw this poster by Caronia Philippines.

        I only go to a nail salon once in a month because I usually do my nails. I buy my own set of tools and honestly, I do use Caronia. I really love their colors! The only time I have a manicurista do my nails is when I'm back in my Dad's province, in Bauan Batangas.

        In my dad's barangay, there's this lady who is known as the Manicurista in their area, her name is Mary Anne. We call her Me-Ann. She uses Caronia products as well. If only Batangas wasn't that too far, I'd set up a photo shoot as she beautify my grossly toe and finger nails, and I would love her to win this. Not just for the prize but also for the recognition that she's, so far, the most careful Manicurista I've ever met. She makes sure my nails are done properly the way I want it to look. She makes sure I don't feel any pain as she trims and cleans them. She makes sure I choose the color that suits my skin tone or the trend. And most of all, she makes sure I don't get any sore or cuts after.

        I think it's just right to give something back to our Manicuristas. Hey, their job isn't as easy as we see it. Imagine them sitting in a low position, cleaning, trimming and beautifying our nails the whole day. Imagine the back pain. Imagine the palsied hands when they reach their homes. Entering this competition would definitely make your manicurista happy. Just the way she/he makes us happy with our nails after their service.

        Mechanics are included in the above poster. Go on and contact your Manicurista and make her/him a star! ;)

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