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Feb 3, 2013

        Recently, I have received questions about the books I read. It's only last year I started reading again; full time. I stopped reading when I reached high school probably because of peers and gmicks here and there. Reading becomes an old-fashioned thing to do when one enters high school. You'll either be teased as a nerd or boring person. And like all other teens, I wanted to belong in a group who wouldn't teased as such.
        Back in grade school, I have a classmate/best friend/reading buddy, her name is Kim Umali. We used to spend our time in the library. Our school usually allot time for students to have their library periods. Kim and I usually go to the fiction section. I remember us going gaga over the Pony Pals. We even met another person, a transferee, and Indonesia named Marta. We call her Ame.

        The three of us spend our bonding times reading in the library and when some of teh books of Pony Pals ain't available, we'll hit the encyclopedia racks or those science books to read and study. But high school came and as I said above, I stopped reading then.

        As I grew up, even though I stopped reading, I never stopped visiting bookstores and buying books. When I noticed books are taking up all my shelves, I started to read again... one by one. It took me a while to get back to reading. I stopped for a long time and it felt like I'm learning how to read again. I read slow, unlike before. I had to read between the lines. But when I finally had the hang of it, I started to read fast again. And now, I can finish a novel for a day or two.

        Looking at my Goodreads account and continuously receiving questions about what good book to read or recommend to them, I thought of blogging about the books I'm reading or have read. I hope I won't be a spoiler for this. *giggles*

        I hope my book review blogging would eventually help and answer those who are looking for a good book to read.

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