Few weeks ago, we were advised that there will be a job fair today in school and that our classes will be cancelled to give way for this event. All of the Filipino graduating students in our school were expected to go to the job fair. They warned us that if we don't go, our clearances won't be cleared. We have no choice though some of us didn't really have to attend the said event since they already have other referrals or means to get a job.

        Anyway, so when we were there, we were surprised to see many companies. I mean, we understand that it was a job fair but we weren't advised of the number of companies that will be appearing for the event and as a result, most of us weren't prepared with enough resume copies.

        As a simple preparation to the job fair, while I was updating my former resume from my ojt, and while I was scrolling through my Facebook account, I had an idea and this was it: