TIPS: Building a Resume

Mar 2, 2013

        Few weeks ago, we were advised that there will be a job fair today in school and that our classes will be cancelled to give way for this event. All of the Filipino graduating students in our school were expected to go to the job fair. They warned us that if we don't go, our clearances won't be cleared. We have no choice though some of us didn't really have to attend the said event since they already have other referrals or means to get a job.

        Anyway, so when we were there, we were surprised to see many companies. I mean, we understand that it was a job fair but we weren't advised of the number of companies that will be appearing for the event and as a result, most of us weren't prepared with enough resume copies.

        As a simple preparation to the job fair, while I was updating my former resume from my ojt, and while I was scrolling through my Facebook account, I had an idea and this was it:

        For some reason, I had the guts to submit this kind of copy to the companies today. Same time too, I was also kinda worried because some companies may not be impressed with it. I fear that some of them might actually look at this as childish or something like that. But gladly, I heard good feedback.

        When I was passing the copy of my resume with the above design in front, the company representatives were attracted to looking, scanning and actually studying my resume. I take it as a good thing. At least, I got their attention. That way, through my observation, compared to the other resumes submitted by the other applicants, my resume was given that much attention. I see them reading from the front page to the last. Some of them gave compliments to the effort I made with my resume, and some, well, I don't know what they think, they just smiled after. What matters to me is that, I got their attention and interest to read through my resume.

        Being a-soon-to-be-fresh-grad, there's not much to see in the resume, unless of course if you're those kind of students that are very active with competitions and other school events; or if you're that kind who is so smart that a two blank page of 8.5 x 11 bond paper, single spaced  won't be enough to list down all the achievements you've done. But if you're just like me, who only have a few things to put, try doing something different; like what I did.

        The main reason of doing that Facebook design resume was because I was just bored to death. I just tried replicating the Facebook webpage design. However, while I was designing it, I realize that it was actually a good idea to stand out and to showcase what I'm good at.

        So here's a little tip from me: If you don't have much things or experience written in your resume, I suggest you think of something that can showcase your skill or talent or whatever you're good at doing. As for me, since I'm into graphic designing and internet marketing, that design was a simple representation for my interest. If you're an AB Communication student, why not take a video of yourself doing your thing and save it in a cd then submit it with your resume. Yeah I know, too much to do right? But isn't it the point? The more effort you invest, the more possibilities of getting hired. I said this because I believe that a simple written resume isn't enough to show those potential companies what you're good at so do something extraordinary than just a boring 3-page CV.

        I'm serious! Do it! Some companies might overlook your skills. Reading through those words, sentences and phrases may not be enough to show them "Hey, hire me!". They might even look at it as an ordinary thing people put in those lines but if you try something different, they will be curious of you. And in order for that curiosity to not go to waste, create the best thing you can do to show them who you are, what you do and what they should do (and that is to hire you!).

        I don't know if I made my message clear but yeah... I know it's kinda hard to think of ideas or make those extraordinary things, so just give yourself some time to realize it. See, I wasn't even thinking about it, but the idea (facebook design) just came and it was effective. Just watch out for those little signs, so you won't get caught up.

        If in case you want a little help with ideas for your own application, email me ( or comment below. I'm more than willing to help you conceptualize. :)

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