TIPS: Trash Talks.

May 20, 2013

        Oh I have received a lot and admittedly, I have said a couple of trash talks too. But really, what does it do? Does it improve your life? Does it make you happy? Because if it does, then you're one hell of a psycho.
        Trash talking is defined as insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate or humiliate someone. I know, I know. It's quite hard to NOT say anything that could eventually humiliate someone but can we stop with the excuses and just STOP. Really. JUST STOP.

        Again, let me ask you. What does it do to you and to the other person? Does talking about his or her flaws make you perfect? Clearly, it does not. It just gives you stress, annoyance and self-degradation.

        If you're someone who is being talked about by a couple of people, I think this is what you should just do.

  1. Re-assess yourself and understand where their words are coming from. It is also important to check yourself first. We must check ourselves for the things we said, things we did and its corresponding reasons. If you assess that you have a fault for it too and that you can apologize to the other party, then apologize. If you still can't because you believe you didn't start it or so, then just let it go, move on and still apologize (when you're ready).
  2. "If you don't like what you see, then don't look at it. Find a way that you won't see it again." This is a very common sense thing but most of us don't often recognize. If they keep posting on their social medias all these words to insult or annoy you, they don't look at it anymore. Delete them or block them on your accounts so you wouldn't see whatever they post that could hurt or irritate you.
  3. Stop posting things about them. You gotta just stop. If they just won't stop, let them, don't copy them! Let them do all the trash talking. Let them be the one to look like they can't get over it. Let them be the one to look like fools and bitches who doesn't seem to have better things to do in life so they rather spend their precious time checking on you. Let them be.
  4. Remember that haters gonna hate. Hate could bring a lot of negativity in one's life. It could cost you a lot too. So if they hate you, don't bother hating them too. I'm not saying you should love them, but you know, just ignore them. As the quote goes... "Do not let negative people stop you from living." Don't live your life hating them. Just live your own life and stop minding how they live theirs.
  5. Control and maintain. I know it's a hard thing to do especially if they just REALLY won't stop but try your best to just control yourself and maintain what you have done from this list. The best way is to keep yourself calm, inhale and exhale for a couple of minutes, close your eyes and tell yourself... "I'm a better person. I won't let them ruin my day." Keep telling yourself that until you finally convinced yourself you're ready to open your eyes. Then... go back to whatever you're doing and continue living your life.
        These, for me, are the 5 basic things we must do when dealing with the trash talks and the trash talkers. Sometimes, it's really best to just let them do what they do. Because in the end, the person or the people who can't seem to tame their mouths are the same ones who look cheaper and uneducated individuals.

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