One of the reasons why I love Booksale bookstore is that they get the next issues of my favorite magazines.

The other day, as I was just walking my way out of SM, I passed Booksale Bookstore's magazine stand and I saw the July 2013 issue of Candy. 

I have been collecting Candy Magazine for who knows how long. Hehe. I lost track on how long I had been collecting this magazine up to this date, even if I'm no longer a teenager.

If you don't have the July 2013 issue of Candy, then grab one soon! These are my TOP favorite picks in the issue.

Today, since it's Sunday and I wanted to go to Divisoria, I remembered this boutique I went to earlier this year. The store's name is IN4MATION. It is a boutique selling gowns and dresses (semi formal and formal). They are open every day (Mon-Sun). They are located in Tutuban Mall. 
Yesterday, I started working for a manufacturing company that produces bottle cups for the leading beverage brands in the Philippines. I didn't know I would be hired there. I didn't know I would be hired the same day I was interview.

Just a heads up. I'm just an office staff that monitors the deliveries, pick-ups and payments of our products and other products that is being kept in our warehouse. Seems easy? Yeah, so far...

I cannot disclose more information regarding my work because our boss is a strict one. And I'm just making this post because I'm happy that instead of just staying at home all day for 5 months, I have this job to earn experience and money too! Mahehe.

Btw, before I end this post, the main reason I also posted this is because I want to share something towards fresh graduates or soon to be fresh grads...

I hope y'all would understand what I'm trying to say.

Good night.
I remember, when I was about  4 or 5 years old, when my mom would usually take me to SM Bacoor, I would drag her to this ice cream stall that I really love. Could you guess what ice cream stall it is?

Well, some may not be aware of Dippin' Dots. Most of it's branches now are located only in Metro Manila.

Large Cup = you can have four different flavors

Banana Split, Choco Mint, Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy
Dippin' Dots are tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavored ice. Microbiologist Curt Jones used his background in cryogenic technology to invent Dippin' Dots in 1988. His invention is now considered the unique, futuristic and fun way to eat ice cream!

As far as I can remember, the Dippin' Dots before do not melt right away because of their high-tech cryogenic freezing process. However, now, it's melts easily and you have to eat it right away.

My favorite flavors are Banana Split, Bubble Gum, Mint Chocolate and  Cotton Candy. There are may more flavors but most of the time, the flavors I mentioned are the ones usually available in their stores.
        According to Munch Punch website, the only locations Dippin' Dots is available in:
  • Shangri-la Plaza Mall Food Stall
  • Alabang Town Center Food Stall
  • Greenhills Shopping Center Food Stall
  • Glorietta 3 Food Stall
  • Market! Market! Food Stall
  • SM Mall of Asia Food Stall
The last time I checked the prices of the cups range from 150 - 200 pesos. The large cup which costs not more than 200 pesos could have four flavors.

Since there is no branch near me, I make it to a point that if I do come across a stall of Dippin' Dots, I will buy one large cup.

The colorful dots and the deliciousness of the ice cream makes it my favorite ice cream of all time. What's yours?
I was scheduled for an interview earlier for a packaging company near my place. The interview only last for less than 15 minutes. The only vacancy for their company is office staff.

Being a graduate of a four-year course, of course I was hoping I'd get a higher position after I graduate but that's not the reality. If you have no or less experience, it will be very hard for you to get a position higher than a staff or front desk. So I took the opportunity instead of just staying at home doing nothing.

I started my online shop business way back 2010. I didn't focus much on it because I was still in college and I had to focus more on my major subjects.

The business was an on/off status most of the time but whenever I had customers, I always recommend JRS as my default courier. Since I live in Cavite, I follow the provincial rates which JRS is I believe the cheapest among the other couriers. But do let me correct your perception, not just because they have a cheaper rate doesn't mean their service is poor or cheap too. I was always impressed with how JRS handle transactions and customers. Ever since I started my online business, I've used JRS and they never let me down.

Every weekend, my mom and I speaks on the phone for minutes, talking about how our day went or about random things. They went to a movie last weekend and mentioned she saw this movie trailer entitled The Internship. She said it was something about Google and it looks fun.

If you all remember the phenomenal movie of Facebook, I imagined that movie somewhat like that. But after seeing this trailer, it looks something different than I expect it to be.

My mom is waiting for this movie to show. I, too, is waiting for it to show here in the Philippines. I doubt though that I'd be able to see it before she does because most of the good movies are usually shown in PNG first.

This is in one of the movies my "to-watch" list now. What are the movies in your list?

Apply make-up like a pro.

1. Wet your eyeshadow brush. This will create a bold, defined color and allow you to apply it with precision.
2. Wiggle your mascara. As you apply it, gently wiggle the wand side to side as you move it up your eyelashes. This will reduce clumps and separate and lengthen your lashes.
3. Be gentle. Always use your finger in a dabbing motion when applying creams around the delicate eye area as this will apply the least pressure.
4. Prepare the canvas. Even skin tone is an essential factor in applying makeup. Exfoliate and moisturise to ensure your foundation doesn't crack, clump or weigh your skin down.
5. Clean your brushes. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Use shampoo to clean your brushes thoroughly every month.
6. Choose foundation for the season. Your skin tone can change depending on how much sun it's seeing so make sure you re-test your color as the weather changes.

Sometimes we find the good things in the unexpected times.

I was already on my way out of Robinson's Pala-pala the other day after dropping off Sam when I saw this booth of Snoe. I knew there was a booth of skin care/cosmetics products there before but I never knew it was Snoe.

Last Friday, I was able to try Tokyo Tokyo's Salmon Donburi. I had been craving for fish lately and for a change, I didn't want to eat in Kenny Rogers.

I knew that with the price of 85php, the serving would be small. I asked the lady in the counter how big the salmon would be and she said it is just one slice of salmon cut into two pieces. If you eat a lot, that kind of serving wouldn't be enough for you but for me, it was just right.

Waking up every morning and before sleeping at night, I drink this chocolate nutritional supplement power drink. This was suggested by my doctor after my operation last year (2012). 

This was given to me because after my operation, I still couldn't eat full meals. I was only allowed to eat soft foods like mamon, noodles and alike. Drinking this replaces the meals I wasn't able to take either because I'm in a hurry with school/work or because I'm not feeling too well.
        It was a fine day in Boracay that day when a woman approached my parents for a free buffet dinner at Astoria Hotel. My mom quickly reacted and asked, "Really? That buffet is free?" The lady that approached them confirmed that the buffet was free. As a matter of fact, they gave my parent's this small coupon.

        I wasn't with them when the lady, named Marian, approached them. I was left in the other side of station 2 because I was buying some frappe. When I got to the hotel, my dad excitedly told me that we were having a free dinner buffet at a hotel named Astoria, which, told by the Marian, was what Boy Abunda has been endorsing on TV. I reacted just like my mom and asked my dad, "How sure are you that it's free? What's their deal?"
        Last week, as I was doing my weekend errands at SM Dasmarinas, I saw this newly opened milk tea house named Cobo. The interiors are colorful making it eye-catching and inviting.

        They are located in the top floor of SM Dasmarinas, near the cinemas, across Smart Communication Center. You'll love their store even more because they have a free wifi connection and just so you know, they do not use the crappy SM Free Wifi, they have their own.

It was our first domestic trip last May in Boracay and I must say, the hotel we stayed in did not fail to satisfy us after being disatisfied with our flight with Cebu Pacific. Thanks to Boracay Garden! (Now Henann Garden Resort)
Booksale in SM Dasmarinas
I grew up in an environment that needs to read and people who loves read. In my school, St. Joseph's International Catholic School in Papua New Guinea, students (grade school to higher years) are always asked to read. Every term, we need to make a book review. Every week we have a library time. And ever since, I never grew tired of reading or holding books.

When I came here in the Philippines, I was so amazed with the different bookstores. Just so you know, there isn't a bookstore as National Bookstore in the place I grew up in. It was just recently when one was established inside a mall named Vision City. When I had my vacation there last year, I checked the said bookstore (which name I forgot) and found out that the prices of the books are just... well, for me, too pricey. Probably because if I convert the price of kina (their currency) to peso (Philippine currency), I could buy more than two books from its price.

It was really hard for me to buy one there even if some of those books are from Australia and are not available here in the Philippines. It was even harder for me to buy books from other bookstores when I found the BOOKSALE bookstore.

Their stall when they first opened.
Ever since the Waffle House got popular among almost every Filipino, I was never enticed to try it out even though it's one of my mom's favorite snack when we're in Manila.

When we were doing a business plan for our negotiation subject, my group mates suggested that we do a plan for a waffle food truck. Being the only one our group who haven't tasted a waffle, they recommended that I try the Famous Belgian Waffle for me to understand why they wanted a waffle food truck. I trusted my group mates with what they envision so we went with the business plan even though I haven't tasted it because the nearest branch of the Famous Belgian Waffle was still in Festival Alabang.

We had finished our negotiation subject and had presented our business plan. After a while, while waiting for our graduation, we found out that the Famous Belgian Waffle just opened a branch in SM Dasmarinas. My boy group mates insisted that I should try it out. And out of curiosity why the boys really loved it, I did try it out. Ever since that first bite, honestly, I got addicted to it!

I was never interested with Paris prints - may it be a note book, an accessory design or a print on a t-shirt. I dunno. I just don't really like it.

But I saw this blouse from one of the thrift shops I came across in. I did not buy this because of the print but because of the fabric. I dunno what fabric this is called but it is silky smooth and comfortable.

Since it is still very hot here in the Philippines, this was what I chose to wear going to the mall to watch Man of Steel. Luckily, the air conditioning of the cinema wasn't set high. I wasn't able to bring a cardigan or a jacket with me.

Oh if only I could just take off all those little Paris prints and change it to cat faces. Lol.

I just finished applying for a GCASH Card.
GCASH Card, according to their website, is shopping and ATM card in one. It is linked to a GCASH account. You can use it to shop in over 33,000 Megalink-accredited establishments nationwide, or to withdraw cash from Megalink, BancNet, or ExpressNet ATMs. You will also enjoy zero maintaining balance and zero annual fees.

I never heard that Globe offers this until I saw Ana Gonzales' post. As an online seller too, I cannot live without GCASH. It is the most convenient way of receiving payments. Same way, it's also one of the convenient ways to buy items online (even mobile load).

This is how or what the GCASH card will look like: (Got the photo from Ana's post)

Do you also want one for yourself? It's easy!
My grandma was a dressmaker. Most of her clothes in her younger years were sewed by her. She usually find and buy the fabrics she loved and she tries to copy certain trends during her time. Until now, those skirts, blouses and other apparels are still here; still in a very good condition. This skirt I'm wearing is one of the high-waist skirts I inherited from her.

Since it's Independence day and I wanted to go and hang out in the mall, I searched my wardrobe for pieces that could resemble with Philippine's Independence and this is the closest that I can up with.

Today is we Filipinos celebrate independence. We celebrate freedom. I hope we all enjoy that freedom responsibly. Going out and celebrating the holiday today shouldn't be enough to complete the day. I encourage all of us, that for today, we could show some care and love to our fellowmen in the streets or those who are in need. Because I believe being independent also means being responsible citizens of the country.

        We all have a teacher we hate for so many reasons. We all also have a teacher we truly look up to. No matter what they do, they will always be a part of our lives as we are a part of theirs. We inspire each other in so many ways; more often in the simplest and unnoticeable ways.

        That's what Here Comes the Boom is all about: music, passion, determination, and inspiration.

        If I were to rate this movie from one to ten and ten being the highest, I would rate it ten (10)! Really! Because upon watching that, I realized a lot of life lessons. You better watch it to learn it yourself.

        Here's the trailer for the movie:

        Last Saturday was the Bloggers United V. It was held in Function Room 3, SMX Convention Center from 10am to 9pm.

         I was there as early as 9:45am so I could at least meet my favorite bloggers first. I thought that I was early enough to be first in line but this surprised me when I got to the second floor.