EVENTS: Bloggers United V.

Jun 4, 2013

        Last Saturday was the Bloggers United V. It was held in Function Room 3, SMX Convention Center from 10am to 9pm.

         I was there as early as 9:45am so I could at least meet my favorite bloggers first. I thought that I was early enough to be first in line but this surprised me when I got to the second floor.

        There were already a lot of people lined up, waiting for the ticket booth to open. Luckily, I won a free ticket from Flipsters through their Twitter account.

        I didn't need to line up because the organizers had a separate line for the guest list. It was like a fast lane. Hehe.

        As soon as I got inside, I looked for Ava's booth. I knew for sure that once all those people get inside, I wouldn't have the chance to have a photo with her.

        I hesistated to mention my name but wtf, it was my first time to be there and my first time to meet my favorite blogger. I had to stop my pag iinarte (haha). I introduced myself and she was very humble and sweet. I looked through her items and this particular bag caught my attention.

        Too bad though 'cause I wanted to buy some of her shoes, but they just didn't fit me. She wished me to enjoy the event which I find very friendly and sweet of her to say aside from the regular "thanks for visiting my booth."

        Next, I wanted to visit every booth from Ava's, however, most of those people lined up outside made it through the door and this became the scenario.

        It was hard looking through the booths especially if everyone's going crazy with the clothes, shoes, and other items on display. There were a few clothes I wanted, placed back in the rack then when I had finally convinced myself to buy it, it's gone! That really sucks. Kinda frustrating.

        But honestly, that's how I buy most of my items in the bazaars or thrift shops. I'm not the type of girl that when she sees something she likes, she'd automatically get it. What I do is, I give time to convince myself to buy them then come back. If they're still there, it's meant for me. If it's no longer there, sorry nalang. That's what I did with these items from Alyssa and Danica's booth. I saw them, left them, came back after 15 minutes, they were still there so I finally bought them. Yey!

I particularly loved this sunnies I bought from Alyssa.


        Sad though our pictures were blurred. Nevertheless, I will never forget how energetic they were in accomodating everyone who passes their booth even though they had helpers around. They were very approachable and cool. I'm glad I've met them.

        I also went to Bea's booth. I was able to find another blazer. I was very happy! Just so you know, I've been looking for blazers since I was in college and none seemed to fit perfectly. So glad the two blazers I got were just perfect! Due to the busy environment and because she was attending to other visitors too, I wasn't able to have a picture with her. Sobs.

        It was my first time to attend to Blogger United. It was my first time to meet my favorite bloggers. I enjoyed it even though I had to leave early. Next time, I'm hoping to stay longer and to have more than enough cash to go shopping. Mahehe.

        Congratulations Bloggers United and to everyone who was part for the success of the event! Looking for another in the near future. Hihi.

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