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Jun 20, 2013

Booksale in SM Dasmarinas
I grew up in an environment that needs to read and people who loves read. In my school, St. Joseph's International Catholic School in Papua New Guinea, students (grade school to higher years) are always asked to read. Every term, we need to make a book review. Every week we have a library time. And ever since, I never grew tired of reading or holding books.

When I came here in the Philippines, I was so amazed with the different bookstores. Just so you know, there isn't a bookstore as National Bookstore in the place I grew up in. It was just recently when one was established inside a mall named Vision City. When I had my vacation there last year, I checked the said bookstore (which name I forgot) and found out that the prices of the books are just... well, for me, too pricey. Probably because if I convert the price of kina (their currency) to peso (Philippine currency), I could buy more than two books from its price.

It was really hard for me to buy one there even if some of those books are from Australia and are not available here in the Philippines. It was even harder for me to buy books from other bookstores when I found the BOOKSALE bookstore.

The prices there are way lower than the other leading bookstores. They may be second hand books, but they are still in good condition. However, not all the recent best-selling books are available - books written by John Green books, Mitch Albom, David Levithan, etc. Despite that, there are other good books sold there. They may not be best-sellers but they are goodreads too!

These are few of the books I bought from Booksale.

They don't look like second hand books right?

When I posted this photo in my Instagram, some of my friends in Facebook messaged me and asked how was I able to find good books in Booksale. Here's a tip: Write down the books you're looking for (title and author), include your contact number and leave it to the nearest Booksale. They will be checking those books in their warehouse and they will contact you as soon as they get a stock of that particular book. As easy as that!

The staff of Booksale are very accommodating so don't hesitate to speak with them. Before I forget, you could also reserve some of the books if you don't have enough money yet to buy it. Just do make sure you come back for it. You don't want to have a bad image as a joy reserver, right?

Even though e-books are way cheaper than the actual books, I will still buy the actual ones because they have this unexplainable magic that when I flip through the pages, I get excited.

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