In4mation Shop in Divisoria for Gowns

Jun 30, 2013

Today, since it's Sunday and I wanted to go to Divisoria, I remembered this boutique I went to earlier this year. The store's name is IN4MATION. It is a boutique selling gowns and dresses (semi formal and formal). They are open every day (Mon-Sun). They are located in Tutuban Mall. 

It was like about 3 days before our YMA (Youth Marketers Awards) in Bellevue Manila and we were required to wear long gowns. Honestly, it was quite hard to find simple long gowns unless you want those long gowns for rent in the tailoring shops. I was looking for something simple... like the ones we usually see in red carpet and not the ones we see during Sta. Cruzan. :p

I discovered this boutique because this was the only store open that Sunday that sells gowns and semi formal dresses. They seemed to have a lot of good items but unfortunately, most stocks were sold out because during that month, the high schools in the Philippines are having their JS Proms. Many must have bought from them already.

And this was the dress I bought from them.

Simple but elegant right? We sometimes do not need to look extravagant because oftentimes, simplicity is more beautiful and classy.

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