Jun 22, 2013

        Last week, as I was doing my weekend errands at SM Dasmarinas, I saw this newly opened milk tea house named Cobo. The interiors are colorful making it eye-catching and inviting.

        They are located in the top floor of SM Dasmarinas, near the cinemas, across Smart Communication Center. You'll love their store even more because they have a free wifi connection and just so you know, they do not use the crappy SM Free Wifi, they have their own.

        I wasn't able to visit them then because I had other things scheduled that day. But I was really curious of their offers so I searched about them in the internet.

According to their Facebook account...

Cobo is a shop that is the epitome of varieties of categories in teas, coffee, smoothies, snow ice and snacks. It’s parent company Profood International Corporation is the largest Philippine based dried fruit producer and the standard bearer of the world class processed fruit products from the Philippine Islands. Profood International Inc.,has grown to become the leading producer of various dried fruit, preserves, purees, concentrates, and juices.
Cobo is the Most Innovative Bubble Tea & Desserts shop in terms of product offerings.
        And this is what I was particularly intrigued about: The Bubble Burstea. I also wanted to try some of their food offerings.

        Today, I finally had the time to visit them. Unfortunately though, their snacks aren't available yet. But I still went with the Bubble Burstea.

        When I walked in the store, I saw two students sitting near the counter and I noticed she was drinking this green drink. Upon looking at the menu, I sensed that it was the Green Mint Bubble Burstea. Kinda confused which one to try out, I asked the lady in the counter which one is better - the Green Mint or the Orange Grapefruit - and she suggested the latter.

        Prices are affordable. The 16 oz is 65php and the 22 oz is 75php for the Bubble Burstea. The toppings aren't included yet but you'll just have to add 15 pesos for it.

        Their service was fast; I didn't have to wait for too long to have my drink done. As soon as I got it, I took these shots and quickly tasted it.

Orange Grapefruit 16 oz  (65) + Orange Bubble Burst (15)

Their colorful and cute packaging.

        The taste at the beginning is sour but as you drink it, your taste buds will eventually get used to it's sour taste. It is refreshing and it would have been better if there were snacks to consume it with.

        I thought the bubbles were like some tapioca pearl but it was something better than I expected. From the name itself, it's a bubble burst that when you pop it in your mouth, it explodes the flavor of your choice. How cool is that?! I chose orange bubble burst because I was too afraid to try out the other bubble burst flavor like lychee, yogurt and something else I forgot what. Hehe.

        I will surely come back and try out their other drinks. I'm still reading through the other blog reviews about this particular milk tea house but if I do find a good review about their milk tea, I will definitely try it out too.

        Their website is still under construction but you can check out their Facebook account for updates and offers.

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