Famous Belgian Waffle

Jun 20, 2013

Their stall when they first opened.
Ever since the Waffle House got popular among almost every Filipino, I was never enticed to try it out even though it's one of my mom's favorite snack when we're in Manila.

When we were doing a business plan for our negotiation subject, my group mates suggested that we do a plan for a waffle food truck. Being the only one our group who haven't tasted a waffle, they recommended that I try the Famous Belgian Waffle for me to understand why they wanted a waffle food truck. I trusted my group mates with what they envision so we went with the business plan even though I haven't tasted it because the nearest branch of the Famous Belgian Waffle was still in Festival Alabang.

We had finished our negotiation subject and had presented our business plan. After a while, while waiting for our graduation, we found out that the Famous Belgian Waffle just opened a branch in SM Dasmarinas. My boy group mates insisted that I should try it out. And out of curiosity why the boys really loved it, I did try it out. Ever since that first bite, honestly, I got addicted to it!

Another side of their stall.

Plain waffle for 30
I couldn't describe how it tastes like exactly but even just the plain waffle... it's already satisfying. You should try it out once you find one branch near you... or even when you come across one in your travels. It will definitely make you crave for it again. Hehe.

In the packaging, by the way, it says that Famous Belgian Waffles are meant to be enjoyed right away but if you must store them for later, you must place the famous waffles in a ziplock bag and chill for up to 3 days. When ready to consumer, reheat in an oven toaster for 2-3 minutes.

Prices are affordable and seriously worth every penny. I'm telling you, you should really try one out.

I'm just so happy that they had put up branch near us. And that is how they look now. Improved and more and more customers buying every day. Check out their Facebook for updates regarding their newly opened branches and some other great offers.

Click this photo to take you their website.
If you haven't tried one out, you're definitely missing out on something. :p

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