Tokyo Tokyo's Salmon Donburi.

Jun 23, 2013

Last Friday, I was able to try Tokyo Tokyo's Salmon Donburi. I had been craving for fish lately and for a change, I didn't want to eat in Kenny Rogers.

I knew that with the price of 85php, the serving would be small. I asked the lady in the counter how big the salmon would be and she said it is just one slice of salmon cut into two pieces. If you eat a lot, that kind of serving wouldn't be enough for you but for me, it was just right.

The salmon was cripsy but it didn't have any other special taste if it weren't for the sauce. Despite that, I was able to finish the meal and was full. To me, it was more like a merienda than a lunch/dinner meal. The bowl was big but the serving was small. It would only make you full temporarily... if you know what mean. Hehe.

Here's their other Donburi Bowl meals.

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