Happy Independence Day, Philippines.

Jun 12, 2013

Today is we Filipinos celebrate independence. We celebrate freedom. I hope we all enjoy that freedom responsibly. Going out and celebrating the holiday today shouldn't be enough to complete the day. I encourage all of us, that for today, we could show some care and love to our fellowmen in the streets or those who are in need. Because I believe being independent also means being responsible citizens of the country.

I remember buying this mini Philippine flag key chain with a friend from a young boy who approached us while we were inside this buko shop inside SM. He asked us if we could buy any of his products; this key chain, some religious pocket calendar, and a pen with calendar. My friend asked how much the key chain costs and he said it's for 100 pesos. Of course we reacted on how over priced the item was.

While I was getting money for my payment, my friend asked him where he is from and why is he selling items, etc. We were actually interrogating him. When we have both paid our items, he left. As soon as he was out of out sight, my friend asked me whether to believe him or not. And I said, "Hindi ko masabi. Does it matter?" (Can't say. Does it matter?)

Then she said again... "Parang di lang talaga kase mapani-paniwala na dadayo pa sila dito para lang magbenta ng ganun." (It's just that it's quite unbelievable to really come here just to sell those.)

"Ako kase, pag may nga ganyan na nag aapproach, yung mga nagbebenta ng mga items saying para makapag aral sila whatsoever, pinagbibigyan ko. Kesa naman sa iba nagnanakaw para lang magkaron ng pera, diba?" (For me, if some approaches, those who sell items such as that and tells me that it's for their studies and whatsover, I give them chance rather than those who steal just to have some money, right?)

"May point ka friend." (You have a point friend.)

Sometimes, we gotta just help those who are less unfortunate especially those are doing things like selling items to earn money. At least you can see how determined they are.

Some would say they are run by syndicates so we should not help them; so that the syndicates would stop. Like really? Who knows that without helping them we are actually causing them to get some punishment. That's the problem with us people, we think too much before we help... Why not just help?

And that I think is what we should also think of today as Filipinos. Be a responsible citizen of the country by extending help to those who are less fortunate.

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