Ensure Milk/Power Drink

Jun 23, 2013

Waking up every morning and before sleeping at night, I drink this chocolate nutritional supplement power drink. This was suggested by my doctor after my operation last year (2012). 

This was given to me because after my operation, I still couldn't eat full meals. I was only allowed to eat soft foods like mamon, noodles and alike. Drinking this replaces the meals I wasn't able to take either because I'm in a hurry with school/work or because I'm not feeling too well.
Details on the can:

I take two scoops and two teaspoon of sugar. As mentioned earlier, I drink this every morning and every evening, before I sleep.
I find it effective to help one gain weight because ever since I started drinking this, I gained some weight and many have also noticed that I look less stressed. I think the supplements of this drink somehow helps my body and skin look better in and out.
Frankly, I thought that this Ensure kinds of drink are only for adults like our grandparents. I didn't know it could also be given to young adults like me.
If you're having a problem gaining weight or that if you're always in a hurry that you cannot take the time to eat something before leaving... Or if you're the kind of person who doesn't eat much, I recommend you to drink this too.
They have milk and chocolate flavors. It costs around 800 or 900 pesos but this small can could last for two months depending on the scoops you need.
Yes, for a milk/chocolate drink, this may be quite pricey but remember, this is a nutritional supplement power drink. It's worth your money, believe me.
You can get this in any Watson's branch or Mercury Drugstores. I'm just not sure if they are also available in the other drugstores like Generica.

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