Good Vibes.

Jun 25, 2013

I was scheduled for an interview earlier for a packaging company near my place. The interview only last for less than 15 minutes. The only vacancy for their company is office staff.

Being a graduate of a four-year course, of course I was hoping I'd get a higher position after I graduate but that's not the reality. If you have no or less experience, it will be very hard for you to get a position higher than a staff or front desk. So I took the opportunity instead of just staying at home doing nothing.

By the way, before I continue, I would like to share something that I learned today. When looking for a job, there's nothing wrong with hoping or wishing to be hired in Metro Manila or in companies that are well-known. But sometimes, it is better to apply and be hired by companies that may not be known but gives you the right experience, the hassle-free travel from home to the workplace (vice versa) and of course, the pay that may not be that high but just enough. 

Just like what my mom told me before, start from the bottom... from those small ones and work your way up. It's way better than starting from the bottom and slowly work your way down. Hehe.

Anyway, after my interview, I headed home but before I did, I went to Cobo to try out their Green Mint. I don't know why but the taste of the Bubble Burstea really got me curious. I still chose orange bubble burst because I have no idea what the lychee tastes like and I sure don't like the taste of yogurt so I again went with the orange. I even thought it would contrast the taste of the drink but gladly, it didn't.

I wanted to capture my reaction to my first taste of the Green Mint so here is a video of me... (you have every permission to laugh lol)

Honestly, I really didn't like the taste in the beginning but as I tried to finish it for the sake of not wasting the drink, I began to get the hang of it. Somehow, I began to like it too. Still, though, Orange Grapefruit is the best for me.

I once again checked if their meals are available and I was told it's still not. So if you're planning to go there with your friends, and you plan to stay long, I suggest you buy your foods or snacks first before heading to Cobo.
I hurried home because the boss texted me and wanted to talk to me through our landline. 

Unfortunately, our Globe landline is once again down. It's been like this for how many months now and I'm already tired calling the customer service about it. I was told by the customer service representative that there is an ongoing network enhancement or some shit which caused our phone to lose connection. It sucks, really. So I really plan to switch to PLDT instead. I'm tired of Globe. Giving me headache from my mobile plan to our landline plan. I think it's about time to switch.

Oh well, that's about how my day went. Luckily that even though my employer wasn't able to call me at home, she still hired me. HAHA. GOOD VIBES! How was yours?

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