JRS Express

Jun 24, 2013

I started my online shop business way back 2010. I didn't focus much on it because I was still in college and I had to focus more on my major subjects.

The business was an on/off status most of the time but whenever I had customers, I always recommend JRS as my default courier. Since I live in Cavite, I follow the provincial rates which JRS is I believe the cheapest among the other couriers. But do let me correct your perception, not just because they have a cheaper rate doesn't mean their service is poor or cheap too. I was always impressed with how JRS handle transactions and customers. Ever since I started my online business, I've used JRS and they never let me down.
If you're an online seller in the province, and is looking for a cheaper shipping fee than the usual LBC (which is btw 120+), check out JRS. There might be one branch near you that you can either drop off your items to be delivered or have it picked up from your home/workplace (no charge!).

I recommend this too to the other people who are looking for a reliable and affordable shipping company. Check out their website for their rates and scope of delivery. Just like the other couriers, there are some places they do not deliver in.

I haven't tried asking or tracking my items because I believe and trust them that when they say it will be delivered on that day, on that estimated time, I know they will. But if you read from the forums, conversations and blogs about them, you will find that they are really one of the best couriers especially for those who are online sellers.

There might be some faults in some of the areas but on my end, as a seller from Cavite, they are doing their jobs well.

Thumbs up JRS team!

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